Plants and Trees Info

Plants and Trees Info

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 31 , 2016

Fall planting is ideal for some of the plant varieties as they thrive well if planted during the fall season.

The climate and temperature are favorable, and the plants perform better during this time.

However, it is crucial to know that not all plants and trees can be planted during this time. Some of the plants get benefit from fall planting, and other might not thrive if planted at the same time.

Some of the plants that are ideal for fall planting—

Planting Bulbs

—Spring flowering bulbs are the best option for fall planting. Beautiful flowering plants like Daffodil, Tulips, Iris, and Lilies can be planted during this season. Fall planting gives the bulbs ample time to grow and establish healthy roots. By the time spring arrives, the plants will be healthy and will bear colorful flowers.

Bare Root Peonies

—Peonies are beautiful herbaceous plants that are perennial. Planting the bare root peonies during fall is great as the climate, and other conditions are favorable.


—Most of the container grown perennials can be planted during fall. Spring flowering perennials can be divided and replanted during this season. The dividing and replanting should be completed before late October.


—Native or wildflower seeds can be sown during autumn as the conditions are apt for their germination and growth. Weeds and pests are less of a problem during this season, and thus native flowers can be grown during this time.

Flowering shrubs

—Many beautiful flowering shrubs can also be planted during fall. While choosing the shrubs make sure that you go in for a healthy one that has developed branches. A vigorous and good quality shrub will have better chances of surviving the harsh winters.

Evergreen Plants

—Evergreen plants can be moved and replanted during fall. You can transplant several cuttings of your favorite evergreen plants in the preferred location.

Apart from these plants, there are many trees like Maple, Hawthorn, Sycamore, Spruce, and Pine that can be planted during fall.

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