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California Privet

If you are looking for some privacy around your home, you can go in for California Privet. It is a semi-evergreen shrub that is widely used as a hedge border in home gardens. The scientific name for California Privet is Ligustrum ovalifolium. It is a quick-growing shrub and can be easily propagated from clippings, making it ideal for home gardens. California Privet produces small and fragrant white-colored flowers during early summer.

California Privet shows the most active growth during the summer and spring seasons. The bright green foliage and distinct white flowers have a contrasting effect which makes them look stunning. California Privet can grow up to a height of around 15 feet and is ideal for cover and privacy around the house. The hedge grows to become dense, which serves the purpose of using this plant in hedging.

Growing California Privet

You can buy California Privet from a nursery and plant it in your garden. It can be grown through bare roots, cuttings, and even seeds. However, seeds might take a long time to germinate, so it is easier to go in for bare roots for planting California Privet. Plant them in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight and water them adequately. They show the best result in soil that has a pH of 5.9 to 7.7

You will have to prune the hedge often to retain its shape and do not look shabby. Apart from growing it as a hedge border, you can also grow it as a tree, depending on your requirements. This shrub is perennial, so it can accentuate your garden's beauty for many seasons to come if you maintain it well. So, the key to maintaining it for a long time is to take care of the plant and regularly prune it to get desired shape and height.

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