NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Many of us plant bulbs for spring, summer, and even fall colors. They are inexpensive, and the care for them is a relatively simple process.

However, as each season’s bulbs can vary in what they need, you need to make sure to read the instructions on when, how, and where to plant each bulb you buy. Instructions usually come with the package or container you buy.

Here are some general tips on taking care of your bulbs no matter what season they are designed. After planting, you should make sure to water each bulb generously to help them become established in their new environment and encourage root system growth.

Be mindful that if they are shallow planted bulbs, it will not require as much water as this could make them wash up or even rot if too much water is received. Foliage also needs to be maintained. It would help if you remembered to remove the dried leaf from the plant to encourage new growth and overall health. However, wait until that piece has thoroughly dried before removing it.

You should also note that some bulbs, especially summer ones, may have weaker stems and need a support system once they start blooming. Placing a ring or another structure near the plant can ensure that they grow as large as they are supposed to while also relieving the plant of any stress now that it has something to help support its growth. When you plant the bulbs, it is also an excellent thought to add mulch to the area. It is good before the bulb has begun to sprout and bloom. Adding mulch can help retain the moisture around the bulbs and keep weeds from sprouting and choking out any growth the bulb might have. It also keeps the soil in a steady climate that plants love, promoting better health in each bulb. If you are storing bulbs, make sure they have a fantastic place with good airflow. Make sure the moisture in the area as this can cause them to sprout. The happy bulb was planting!

Source of Information on Bulb Care and Planting in your Garden