Plant A Tree $1

Help us restore north America's forests. $1.00 will help us plant a tree in a forest to help restore America. For a mere $1.00 you can be a part of a vast majority of American's wanting to help rebuild our forests. There are so much more than just restoring American's wilderness than meets the eye. The benefits of trees range from allowing us to have fresh oxygen, protection from high winds and ice, cooler temperatures in summer and also the smog and dangerous chemicals in our air quality. It also helps nature. Small animals like squirrels, birds, bees and all types of animals go to trees to build a habitat in or near. You can donate 1 or 1000 or more and we will be showcasing our efforts in our planting in the spring of the difference you have made in barren areas where damaging fires, timber cutting, Japanese beetles and fire ants have destroyed much of the forest in the United States, Fires have swept through thousands of acres in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and all the wildlife has no dens, nests or trees to habitat in making them find shelter elsewhere. Timber cutting operations are causing mass destruction to a vast majority of our wilderness by harvesting trees for timber and wood production. Fire ants and beetles have killed thousands of evergreen trees from the top to the roots, especially in areas of the southern United States. With all these natural disasters, we have a great need that is going virtually un-noticed by most states in our union.