Pink Trillium

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Pink Trillium Trillium Hardy Planting Zones - 4-9 Sun or Shade - Part sun, shade Mature Height - Under 6" to over 3' Mature Width - 4-12" Bloom Season - Spring Gardener Status - Beginner
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Pink Trillium - Trillium grandiflorum


Pink Trillium is native to the woodlands of much of the United States and southern Canada. Many states have made it illegal to dig them up because they are quickly becoming extinct. Add them to your landscaping for a pretty early spring splash of color.
How the Plant Looks
Pink Trillium is a short plant that produces a very showy wavy edge pink flower with a reflex tip that measures about 3.5 inches across. The flower appears on an elongated stem from the center of three shiny green egg-shaped leaves that are typically three to four inches in length. While the flower has visible venation, it is much more pronounced on the leaves.
When Does it, Bloom
This flower blooms very early in the spring and goes dormant by mid-summer. The flower typically appears in mid-April dying off by the beginning of June. Then, the beautiful green leaves on this plant can be used to add a background to taller summertime flowers.
Soil Requirements
This flower demands wet conditions similar to those found in woodlands. They prefer a neutral to slightly acidic pH soil. They prefer a dose of organic fertilizer in the fall.
As long as you keep this plant moist, it does very well in many situations. Its beautiful early spring flower is a welcome sign that spring has arrived. This perennial is easy to subdivide in the fall allowing you to move it to a new location or share it with a friend.

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