Pink Muhly Grass-6-12"

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Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly Grass — Muhlenbergia capillaris

If you plant a row of pink muhly grass along the edge of your lawn or anywhere else on your property, it will eventually turn heads and stop traffic. It is merely an explosion of pink or light purple that resembles everything from cotton candy to pink clouds to ballerinas’ tutus.

Pink muhly grass is native to the eastern United States. It grows from 3 to 4 foot high and about 3 feet wide. The pink that everyone gasps at is the grass’s tiny flowers that grow above its blades. They provide fantastic color and texture to an herbaceous border. It is even more astonishing because the inflorescences arrive in the fall when just about everything else is going to sleep. Moreover, when the flowers fade even the seed pods add beauty to a winter garden.

This fantastic grass is known for being very easy to grow and tolerant of drought. It is not particular about soil and can thrive in poor, rocky soil as long as it drains well. Even so, this tough grass can stand some flooding for a time. To get the best effect, plant each one about 2 feet apart in the sunniest spot of the garden. The grass not only likes full sun but the light will show off the flowers.

Pink muhly grass on needs to be watered regularly when it is first planted, but once it’s established, the gardener can pretty much ignore it. It will only need watering under the severest drought. If the gardener wants to fertilize the grass, they can use a diluted fertilizer in the spring. Early spring is also the time to cut the grass back and get rid of any dead blades.

Propagating pink muhly grass is about as easy as growing it. Dig the plant up in the cold season, divide the root ball with a spade right down the middle, and replant either in the ground or a container. Water the transplants regularly until they are established.

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