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Growing Pine Tree Seedlings for Timber 

Pine trees, often referred to as evergreen trees, can be part of any land management plan to grow timber to sell. Pine trees are conifers, which means they are plants that produce cones that contain seeds and vascular tissue. The timber harvested from these trees sells great and often gets a good price on the timber market. 


 The growing of pine tree seedlings for a timber harvest is something that takes careful planning and timing


Pine trees, as with most woody plants, grow more slowly than other perennials. The seedlings can be grown initially in either container or in a field. If a pine seedling starts in a container, then at some point, it will need to be transplanted into a field. 


 When selecting pine seedlings to grow, it's important to know what the native climate is for that particular species. One should take into consideration the amount of sun, heat, and rain the tree would receive in its native climate. For example, conifers with dark-green, silver, or blue needles will look and thrive best in full sun. However, golden conifers do best when they receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Pines that are grown as close to their native climates sell great because they typically grow to their full potential. 


 Another thing to consider when planting is the tree's rate of growth. It will be important to leave enough room between the trees for growth, especially if the species is a fast-growing one. Pine trees rarely need to be fertilized or benefit from adding organic matter into their soil. It is important not to overwater the seedlings. If the tree needs stakes to help direct its growth, then those should be removed by the end of the first or second year.


 When you are ready to sell your evergreen trees, then it will be time to identify a timber buyer. This person works with those who grow timber to sell to negotiate a price for the timber and will bring the equipment on-site to actually harvest the tree. Another important person to work with for a timber sale is a professional forester. 


 A forester, who can work for a private company or the government, will know the timber buyers within your community. In addition, he or she will know the values of the timber products. The forester can also talk with you about the proposed contract you will have with the buyer. 


 Once the timber is harvested, then it is important to protect the cleared land from erosion. Any roads or trails should be evaluated and repaired if needed. The bare areas should be seeded with grass. 


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