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​Pine Trees, Advantages To Planting Them In A Garden

​Pine Trees, Advantages To Planting Them In A Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 14 , 2019

There are many good reasons for including pine trees in your landscaping plans.

After all, conifers are not only beautiful; they also provide you with several advantages. In essence, pine trees are stable and have a deep root system, they are evergreen with lush year-round greenery, and they are excellent for windbreaks. Here are the top 10 advantages that they provide:

1. Preventing Soil Erosion

Pine trees are stable and have a deep root system, making them perfect for preventing soil erosion. Their strong roots not only hold soil in its place, but the way they grow and spread can control erosion on even the steepest slopes. Also, the brisk needles reduce the strong impact of falling rain on the soil.

2. Surviving in All Conditions and Weather

Pine trees can grow in all types of soil, whether it's in sandy loam or a rocky ridge, or if it's acidic or alkaline. Also, the amount of shade or sun is not usually a factor in whether or not they will grow up strong and healthy.

Another advantage of pine trees is that they are one species of tree that can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions as ice and freezes may occur in Northern areas. They are also tough enough to brave drought and massive amounts of rain, if necessary.

3. Housing Wildlife

Squirrels and birds, such as red crossbills and chickadees, are attracted to pine trees for both their lush shelter and their tasty seeds. The dense canopies provided by the growing habits of pine tree branches are home to a plethora of smaller wildlife and a variety of birds. Wildlife tends to flock to pines because some of their offices are lower, allowing protection from harsh weather. Tall, full trunks prevent predators from attacking. So, if you love nature, you'll be sure to enjoy the show.

4. Screening from the Wind

Pine trees are excellent for windbreaks or providing a screen between your home and the breeze. Not only does this keep your dwelling warmer overall, but you get to wake up to the soothing song provided by the wind being filtered through the pine needles!

5. Growing Tall Enough to Provide a Privacy Fence

If you would like to have some privacy between your yard and the next without the cost and inconvenience of building a fence, tall, spreading pine trees are certainly an option. Not only are they lovely and shady, but they are a much more polite choice than constructing a barrier between your property and your neighbors'.

6. Providing Shade from the Harsh Sun

The shade provided by a pine tree rivals any other type of tree. Their branches are fuller and spread outwards rather than straight upward. Just picture having a family barbecue outside on a summer day and knowing that everyone will stay calm and contented. After all, no one can enjoy themselves if they are overheated or sunburned!

And, pine trees don't just provide shade for humans and wildlife. They also shade smaller trees that do not enjoy direct sunlight, which gives them a better chance of growing.

7. Giving Off an Appealing Aroma

The needles and sap of pine trees are known for the fragrance that they provide. It is aromatic enough that candles and cleaning supplies borrow the scent to give an added freshness to a given space.

8. Growing Fast

Pine trees grow so fast that they are advantageous to anyone that grows trees for timber. Selling lumber is a hard business, and the fact that pine trees overgrow means that there will always be a product to sell.

Many of these farmers also go into the Christmas tree business, and pines, such as the spruce, grow fast enough that a full-grown specimen takes less than ten years to mature.

9. Reducing the Effects of City Lights

Did you also realize that a pine tree reduces lights when planted near busy streets? That means that if you live in an urban area or a more commercial neighborhood, a few thick pines are sure to filter the bothersome light and block it from your windows. This will keep you from being disturbed each night.

10. Providing you with Evergreen Beauty

The best thing about pines is that they are evergreen with lush year-round greenery. Even in the coldest and darkest of winters up north, they maintain their innate beauty and give you hope that spring is coming. Just seeing one out of your window is sure to brighten your day!

In conclusion, pine trees add a lot to your yard. Each reduces lights when planted near busy streets and can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions like ice and freezes. So, whether you are a nature lover, amateur landscaper, or a timber farmer, conifer trees are a fantastic choice when it comes to planning out which types of vegetation you would like on your property.

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