Pine Straw

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Pine Straw Enhances Flower Beds, Protects Plants For The Winter and Puts Moisture In The Soil For Healthy Plants

Minimum Order is 5 Square Feet

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To determine how many square feet of pine straw you may need for your landscaping project, below is precisely and quickly shows how to measure. Guestimating usually works too because you can distribute the needles as thick or thin as needed. Pine Straws will protect your garden plants in a harsh winter. It also is rich in nutrients and gives garden plants a boost in growth and makes them have a healthy radiance in spring. With pine needles, you can also keep down the production of those unwanted pesky weeds from overgrowing your plants. They smother out weeds and makes the appearance surrounding the plants look so much more helpful to them. Not only for appearance but the health of the plants, pine needles is a wise investment.Pine Straw Needles Has Many Many uses and benefits! The make the landscaping around plants, garden shrubs, bushes, berry plants, trees, perennials, and ferns looks so amazing. Scattering the pine straw underneath trees and in flower gardens look so upscale and costs much less than buying stepping stones, landscape scenery or planting ground covers to control weeds. Pine straw does it all! Pine straw needles also serve as a protective insulator to prevent your fragile garden plants from suffering the shock in cold winter months. For summer months, it gives an exotic upscale look. Enjoy pine needle straw for the best of both worlds, to protect plants' fragile roots in winter and to get that upscale look in summer.We sell our pine straw in 9" needles. We also sell by the Square Foot. This will cover a 12"x12" area (1 sq ft).Measure the length and width of the space you want to cover.example- 12' length and 4 feet wide area- to determine how many sq feet you need merely do the multiplication: 12x4 =48 square feet needed.

Pine Straw

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