Pine Cones

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Pine cones 1-gallon bag

Pinecone 1-gallon bag is a wonderful and a great way to create beautiful items. These are gorgeous when used to add to wreaths for a festive flair and also are lovely when added to flower arrangements. They also add a beautiful scent to areas when they are fresh and look amazing when placed around in a mantle area. Pine cones provide a very natural look and are fantastic when used around the holidays to create a gorgeous look and feel to areas. They are available in one-gallon bags from this tremendous online plant nursery and are carefully shipped to the customer, so they are not broken in transit. They are unique as they come in all different sizes and look amazing. They are harvested from mature pine trees as some trees do not start to bear cones until they are several years old. This is an excellent way to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

5 Ways to Use Pinecones in your Home Decor

Everybody loves the natural, homey feel of pine cones around the holidays. But here are five fun ways to decorate with pine cones throughout the year.

Go Trendy with DIY Succulents

Snip the tips off of medium and large pine cones and spray them in various greens, turquoise and pale purples for cute faux succulents you don't need to water.

Make Floral Magnets

Trim the pine cones down to three or four layers. Paint them pretty floral colors and add a yellow or orange center. Adhere magnets to the back for pretty custom decor that's practical.

Create a Summer Wreath

Combine rustic brown pine cones with beautiful full pink blooms such as peonies and roses to create a fresh look for the warmer months.

Craft Pine Cone Pineapples

Get the kids to paint small and medium pine cones bright yellow. Add green construction paper "leaves" to the top for cute decor that's perfect for a pool party or family cookout.

Throw them in the Fire

Dip dried pine cones in colored wax and sprinkle with cinnamon before the wax sets to make unique fire starters that crackle, pop, and smell amazing.

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