NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Something that you will probably deal with at some point in your gardening is pests or disease.

It hurts a gardener could experience walking outside and seeing your beautiful garden destroyed by an infestation. Deal with this issue and even prevent it.

Using floating row covers has become a popular method. They are translucent and white, and the porous fabric they are made of will let into about eighty percent of light. There are lighter types and heavy ones. The lighter ones are ideal for keeping pests away in the summer months of the year, and the heavier ones are great for maintaining warmth during cooler months. You cut it to fit your garden, place it over metal hoops, and secure the edges with soil, rocks, or pins. It is an advantageous method for cabbage worms, aphids, and beetles; It involves merely not planting the same things in the same places year after year. It increases your chances of pests and diseases making their way.

It will increase the overall health and production of each one. Sticky traps are also popular. These are different colors and are designed to attract insects that are drawn to that particular color. They should be placed about every three to five feet and should be clean and ready to use. These are very effective for fruit flies, winged scales, midges, and winged aphids; These are made from animal facts and disintegrate the skin of most insects, killing them. You can buy these at any store. Please note that it is only effective when it is a liquid. After it dries on the plant, it will not kill any pests that come after that. Dealing with pests is something nobody wants to do, but regular monitoring of your garden and taking quick action will go a long way.

Source of Information on Ridding Pests in the Garden