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Buy Perennials For Zone 3 - Mature & Blooming Age Plants from Tn Nursery

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sells mature, blooming-age perennial plants bare root. The lowest prices of any online nursery on quality plants - and at cost shipping. Our nursery is an authority in the industry. Grade A quality plants at affordable prices. If you are looking for quality perennials, look no further!

Perennials Are The Perfect Plant For Flower Gardens & Beds


Perennials are flowering plants that last several years after planting. They take time to bloom because they spend the first few months forming extensive root systems. 

 Perennial flowers and herbs fall into the four major categories of:

 • Short life span varieties that live for 2-3 years

 • Long-life species that last for more than five years

 • Woody varieties behave like deciduous trees by shedding leaves during the winter

 • Herbaceous varieties resemble herbs and wither in areas with cold winters 

 They are very vibrant

 Perennials have fantastic colors and a sweet fragrant that invites people to your property. For instance, the Bright Blanket flower blooms all summer and may even continue flowering in the early fall. It grows fast and flowers within the first year of propagation. Others, such as the iconic Veronica range from exotic blue flowers to brilliant purple blooms. Then, the Tall Garden Phlox, whose bright colors and overpowering scent refreshes the air in your home. 

 They are low maintenance 

 Most perennials are hardy plants that withstand harsh conditions. Once they have taken root, they grow well without requiring much watering. After the first season, they are mature and will not require much care other than some pruning to reduce the foliage. Some perennials are drought-resistant plants that tolerate hot summer temperatures. Others thrive in arid regions and can even grow on poor soils. The hardiness makes them suitable for use in places with water scarcity. 

 They offer value for money

 Perennials last several years, meaning that you will not need to purchase new flower seeds every other season. If you compare them to annuals, you will find that they reduce gardening costs. Apart from the savings on seeds, you also cut on the value of labor. You won’t need to uproot old flowers, prepare the land, and plant new seedlings every year. Moreover, some produce suckers that you can use as planting materials for other areas on your property. 

 Some double as herbs

 Some perennial plants are nutritious vegetables, while others are herbs that you can use to enhance your health. You can make sweet lemonades, teas, cocktails, and soups using the plants you planted to beautify your garden! For instance, the leaves and flowers of the Creeping Thyme have a sweet flavor that you can add to pasta and potato dishes. Similarly, Lemon Balm is used to flavor fruit salads and is a herbal supplement. You can also use Sage powder to stuff poultry or burn a dry twig to refresh your house with the sweet scent. 

 They are pollinator magnets

 Most perennials are prolific plants that produce hundreds of flowers during the blooming season. These flowers fill the air with a sweet scent that attracts bees, wasps, and butterflies from the surrounding areas. Therefore, do not be surprised to see your colorful Lavender plants teeming with hummingbirds and butterflies because they are all part of the bargain. 

 Create a dream garden

 You can use perennials to create your dream landscape using plants of different colors. Plan your garden such that there is always a plant that is blooming in every season. You can have Yellow Day Lilies that thrive in the summer and purple varieties that flower in late spring. The blending will ensure that your garden is vibrant all year round. 

 Buying seedlings

 When buying perennials for your garden, research the species that do well in your zone and make a list. Use the menu to choose different colors so that you can have an attractive blend. Finally, make sure that they are suited to the type of soil in your garden. 

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