NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials For Zone 7

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Perennials For Zone 7

Perennials For Sale- Perfect For Zone 7 from Tn Mail Order Nursery

If you are trying to plant flowers in your home or office garden, you may be wondering what flowers are best for you. Think about the zone in which you are located. In the local area, there is a good chance you are located in zone 7. At Tennessee Nursery, we have a wide variety of perennials for zone 7 that could be right for you. Review some of the top choices below!

The Bird’s Foot Violet is a beautiful perennial

One perennial you may like to plant in your garden is called Bird’s Foot Violet. This flower is a deep purple color with a lighter center. It also has a narrow shoot that comes out of the middle of the plant. It grows from a narrow stem and blooms when exposed to sunlight and warm temperatures. Many people love this perennial because the dark purple color blends in well with many other choices. Furthermore, it does not take a lot for this flower to bloom. As long as you have healthy soil and water occasionally, it should help you create a beautiful garden.

The Black Cohosh - A herbaceous perennial

Black Cohosh is a unique flower you may want to plant in your garden. It looks like a bunch of seeds after it finishes blooming. There is a relatively thick stem that shoots up from the ground. Then, there are light pink bulbs that grow from the stem when the flower blooms. It requires plenty of sunlight and regular watering to grow effectively. Because it does not take up a lot of space, it can pair well with various other perennials in zone 7. Think about incorporating Black Cohosh into your landscaping designs.

The Bluet Flower

If you are looking for a light blue perennial you can add to your garden, take a closer look at the Bluet Flower. This is a unique baby blue flower that has a yellow center. Sky blue petals radiate from the gorgeous center, instantly grabbing the eye of everyone who walks by. This flower grows well in bunches. It will also grow well when surrounded by other plants, making this a great addition to your color scheme. This perennial does not take a lot of work and will instantly add to the beauty you have on your property. Incorporate the Bluet Flower into your landscape projects to add a splash of color to your garden.

Find the Right Perennials for Zone 7 from Tennessee Nursery

If you are looking for perennials for zone 7, we are here to assist you. At Tennessee Nursery, we work hard to make sure we offer a wide variety of perennials for your garden in your home or office. In addition, we will work with you, helping you figure out the best flowers for your needs. Give us a call today! Our flower professionals are waiting to assist you with your landscaping needs! We can help you maximize the beauty of your home or office Garden.