NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials For Zone 6

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Perennials For Zone 6

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Any garden area is more elegant when the proper border and edging plants are properly used. The use of select perennials for zone 6 gardens will accentuate features, provide a border between properties, separate your garden and landscaping from sidewalks and driveways, and allow you to define borders between plants wherever you desire.

Planning Your Selection of Border Plants With Perennials

Because of their functions, the best plants for border use in your area are perennials for zone 6. Before looking at several of the popular choices, you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I wanting the border to accomplish? Your answers can include merely setting visual borders, or maybe you want an actual physical border.
  • How does the border fit into your landscaping scheme? Do you want to leave the effect neutral, or will some aspect of the color it provides influence your design?
  • What are the conditions the plants will face? Is the area consistently in shade heavy sunlight, wet or dry, subject to foot traffic, or secluded?

Your answers to these questions will determine the optimal perennials for zone 6 uses that you should choose among.

Selecting your Perennials for Zone 6 Borders

Our emphasis on the proper plants for your growing zone is intended to ensure your investment in your landscape delivers a long-term return. Too often people will read about or know of a plant that they enjoy or desire. They will include that plant in their landscaping plans, and it may even seem a good choice for a year or two. However, the zone planning takes into consideration the possibility of temperature extremes in a zone such as heat, drought, and freezing. These factors can suddenly kill, damage, and stunt plants that are not acclimated to your zone.

For zone 6, you can find some exciting border plant options among these favorites:

  • ARROW-LEAF GINGER. This native U.S. plant boasts a deep, broad green leaf and produces dark purple flowers in the summer months. It will generally reach a height of about eight inches and is best used in shady gardens in a cool setting and damper soils. Adding a top covering of pine needles is a common way to protect and accentuate these plants.
  • BLUET FLOWER. Commonly called Quaker Ladies, this plant is the perfect choice for a border plant that brings color and grace in the spring and summer. Commonly seen carpeting large meadows and woodlands, this plant is well-adapted to use in borders that have semi-shade and normal watering conditions. This plant will reach a height of three to six inches and is an ideal addition to taller border plants to provide a touch of color with its hardy yet dainty flowers.
  • PHLOX PLANT. If you are seeking a versatile and hardy plant for your border application, the Phlox is worth your consideration. It quickly adds color to any area and calls for minimal maintenance and care. There are many species and colors for you to design a border to your taste. Your choice will determine the expected height and size of the plant.

Design borders that work with the right perennials for zone 6 applications.