NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials For Zone 5

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Perennials For Zone 5

Perennials- Zone 5- Mature Blooming age from Tn Mail Order Nursery

Do you dream of lush flower beds overflowing with blossoms that last from early spring into late fall? Find a wealth of options in our perennials for zone 5 product pages. From evergreen ground cover to shrubs that produce berries for your winter birds, create a landscape that is designed to return every year.

Hardy Blooms that Return Year After Year Even in Zone 5

The best part of planting perennials is that they pop up every year after the last snows melt. Start your growing season in zone 5 early with favorites like Daffodils, Lily of the Valley, and Least Bluets that can create a living carpet across your lawn. Phlox, purple violets, and Virginia Bluebell provide the first pops of color in your flower beds while you wait for the summer lilies to spread their greenery.

Designing a Perennial Garden to Attract Bees and Birds

Plan on supporting your local ecology by planting perennials for zone 5 that naturally attract bees and other beneficial insects and birds. Milkweed stands tall with its globe of tiny purple blooms while Purple Coneflower and Trumpet Vine invite the buzzing bees in with their rich aroma. Provide hiding places for the smaller creatures with a beautiful bank of Virginia Creeper.

Plan a Parade of Flowers for Blooms All Season Long

The best gardens are always in bloom! Some of our favorite perennials for zone 5 do not start opening their blooms until later in the season, extending the colorful canvas in your yard. Day Lilies and Black-Eyed Susan will wait until mid-summer before taking over from the honeysuckle and geranium. Plant some wild asters and golden ragwort so that they can step in for the fall flower show. Set some American Wintergreen in the shade and enjoy their dark green leaves all summer while their red berries will feed the birds in the winter.

Native Plants that Create a Healthier Ecosystem in Your Neighborhood

There is always a wide variety of non-invasive perennials for zone 5 available in our catalog. Plant with confidence knowing that you are supporting native species in your yard and town. Black Cohosh, Celandine Poppy, Dandelion, and Daisy attract a wealth of insects while supporting good soil health. Jack in the Pulpit, Solomon's Seal, and Bishop's Weed provide a lush green undergrowth surrounding your shrubs and trees.

Mix and match your favorite perennials for zone 5 with a selection of summer flowers and grasses from the complete Tennessee Wholesale Nursery catalog to create a unique and stunning landscape that is easily renewed with minimal effort every year. Click or call to place your order today!