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Perennials For Zone 4

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Perennials for Zone 4 are Summer Perennials With Lots Of Color

The bright colors of summer’s perennial flowers blooming everywhere are a delight to the eyes. Year after year, you’ll be surprised when all the color of your summer perennials returns. A splash of color from your summer perennials will liven up your yard, as you approach your driveway.

Deep blue and lavender perennial flowers are numerous. A native to the southeast is the Hydrangea with large deep blue blooms. Other brilliant blue or lavender flowers are Phlox. Blue Salvia, Veronica spicata, Bellflowers, and a new Echinacea called the Bluebell. To add purple to your yard, there is a Salvia flower, Catmint. A few lilac Phlox will also delight the senses.

Perennials for Zone 4 come in a variety of different colors

Vibrant red flowers can add spice to a dull garden. The red in flowers can range from a bright orangey-red to a deep burgundy color to even a hot pink-red. You can find Begonias with bright red blooms, just like the Daylily. A flower that has a deep red wine coloring is the Echinacea. Other herbs with red blossoms are Coreopsis, Daisy Perennial, Geranium, Hollyhock, Monarda, Poppy, Astilbe Perennial, some Tiger Lilies, and Sedum.

To add variety and intensity to your garden add yellow or white flowers between the deeper colored flowers. Alternating the colors will help to brighten and highlight the darker more intense colors you have chosen. Begonias also come in yellow, as does the Echinacea. Other yellow flowers that you can plant in your garden include Verbascum, Aurinia montanum, Asclepias tuberosa, Coreopsis, and Black Eyed Susan. If you prefer white flowers to accent the deeper colors, add white Daisies, Hibiscus, Columbines, Carnations, or creeping white Phlox will do the trick.

Perennials for Zone 4 add an endless assortment of colors to a garden

Wide varieties of perennials add an endless assortment of colors to any garden. Let your imagination go wild when you choose your flowers. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to bring color to your garden.

Perennials For Zone 4