Perennials For Tennessee

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Perennials For Tennessee have beautiful blooms

Our perennial plants for Tennessee are explicitly handpicked for Tennessee because how well they will flourish in the great state. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity we have to be able to offer these specific plants to your state, and we hope that you will take the chance to make a comment at the end of your purchase in the checkout and let us know what you love most about what we have to offer.

Perennials For Tennessee are low maintenance and easy to grow

Sweet Betsy Trillium or Wood Lily is an herbaceous perennial, native to the Southeastern United States. This perennial is the largest of the sessile trilliums, featuring three leaves ending in a circular arrangement, rising to 12” to 18” in the spring. It has grey-green mottled leaves 3” to 7” in length, and from the center, a three-petaled maroon flower, but only does during late March-early May. Sometimes flower color varies, being maroon to yellowish brown, or a reddish green.

Perennials for Tennessee often have a very sweet smell

These are gorgeous flowers and also provides a beautiful and sweet fragrance when they are in bloom. The bloom on this plant typically last for about three weeks and offer a gorgeous and outstanding look to gardens and natural areas. These plants are unusual when planted in climate zones two through nine and are also called Maianthemum Canadense for the scientific name. This plant can increase and needs to be watched as it can take over an area in a short time. The blooms on these beautiful flowers resemble small bells as they hang on the stems. They are straightforward to grow and are very popular among homeowners and gardeners because they do not take any special care.