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Sunday, March 20

During late summer as you start to drive around you will see people with tarps and sheets lying underneath their trees, but why?

Most likely they will be lying under pecan trees. Pecan trees will grow their nuts and bloom all year long and then in the late summer to early fall will start dropping them, and then the rush is on…you must beat the varmints from grabbing them first!

Squirrels, turkeys, raccoons, deer, birds they all love pecans. I remember being a little child and looking forward to after Thanksgiving dinner or Sunday lunches at my grandparent's house; we would all eat a good meal and then go outside and watch as my uncle would climb up to the top and give the pecan tree a good shake! Once that tree starts shaking, you better watch out because getting hit with pecans will make you wake up. We would all gather buckets and help as we would all walk around and gather the fallen pecans before the varmints could come along and grab them up.

Now you can still see families doing the same thing, but things have become a little more modern as now there are pecan grabbers or little buckets attached to the end of a pole and all you have to do is walk along and put your bucket on top of the pecans, and they will be scooped up. How cool!

Pecans are a very delightful treat and can satisfy your tummy in no time with all of the various treats that you can make with them… pies, casseroles, jams, whole, there is such as a variety of things that you can do with pecans.

Investing in pecan trees definitely can make your money back in no time with a good crop of pecans because pecans are a very inexpensive nut but yet all worth it when you pop one into your mouth!

Source of Information on Pecan Trees