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Panicgrass - Panicum - is a vast genus comprising around 450 grasses native to tropical portions of the globe, with a few species expanding further into northern temperate areas. They are typically huge, annual, or perennial grasses that may grow 1–3 meters tall. They grow high clusters of flat, thin, lanceolate leaves throughout the summer and autumn, along with panicles of blooming spikelets. The diversity and abundance of this species are astounding.

Some of these species grow as crops, such as broom tail millet, which is helpful as birdseed and as a gluten-free alternative for individuals following a gluten-free diet. Belonging to the Poaceae family, these plants are also frequently grown as decorative grasses, and they possess a variety of different cultivars. They are mainly known for their tall, airy panicles and various leaf colors that change as the season changes.

You may find this species profusion along roadsides, on older farms, and on river banks. They are also widespread on sandy soils close to the shore.

Panicgrass grows to be six feet tall in rich soil, but in low areas near thickets and brooks, this grass may bloom below six inches in height

Some of its variations are low-growing species, growing to be less than a foot tall in some cases and resembling small bushes. These delicate plants are easily hidden among the surrounding higher vegetation, primarily broad-leaved shoulder-high plants. By the side of the road, they establish thick green thickets. Because the blooms are so huge in some species, the pyramid-like flower heads seem laden with cereal-like grain.

Whereas, in others, the flowers are sparse and far between. Moreover, some species' blossoms are small, plentiful, and stuck together. It is easy to discern the spikelets of one species from another due to their shiny, porcelain-like flower scales. Cockspur Grass, which is nearly identical to this genus, save for its awn-pointed scaling, is prevalent in cultivated areas, where its rough, upright panicles bloom shortly after midsummer.

Old Witch-grass (Panicum capillare) is a magnificent plant that grows in dry soil and is readily identifiable since it looks nothing like any other grass that grows in late summer. Sea-beach Panicgrass (Panicum amaroides), as well as Tall Smooth Panicgrass (Panicum virgatum), are two species that are common along the coast. Large, widely open flowerheads brilliantly adorned with vivid-color anthers and stigmas define the latter species, whereas thin panicles of tall branches distinguish the former species.

The plants grow six feet tall in rich soil, but in low areas near thickets and brooks, these plants may bloom below six inches. Following that, once the flowers bloom and the seeds are fully mature, the panicles become open and rigid. Once they become subjects of being broken by the wind, they are blown over fields like tumbleweeds, scattering their seeds and entrusting them to the supervision of yet another season.

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