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Palm Sedge - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Palm Sedge 

Palm Sedge plants bloom in spring and give an early meal before other grasses grow, a perfect addition to the water gardens. This is a plant commonly known as Carex Muskingumensis; It is a thick, clump-forming sedge with several pointed, vivid green leaves from slack stems resembling miniature, feathery palms. Arching flower spikes grow among the foliage in late spring. When ripe entirely, this plant turns into a golden brown color and lasts all summer. Water gardens, garden beds, borders, and outdoor containers benefit from this plant. 

This plant is a native of the forested lowlands. It is a popular landscaping plant that produces an excellent ground cover and blossoms in clay soils. It thrives in slightly damp soil in shade or sun. Plant one foot apart for a groundcover or tiny patch or use separately as a foliage emphasis plant. 

Palm Sedge grow best in moist to wet soil and even withstand standing water

This is a perennial herbaceous grass with a thin shape and beautifully arching stems. The chartreuse-colored grassy leaves of this plant is appealing. In the fall, the foliage becomes a coppery-bronze color. It also adds a delicate and subtle texture to the garden landscape and should be utilized to its full potential. A beautiful addition to the gardens, it is a low-maintenance plant that is best cleaned up in the early spring before the season's active growth begins. This plant doesn't have any substantial drawbacks. 

The plant is a long-lived ground cover that you can plant in wet and dry conditions. Rhizomes spread the plant, and the color turns medium green, narrow, tapering leaves on erect stems; yellow tint in the fall. Palm Sedge will reach a height of around 16 inches and a spread of 24 inches when fully grown. Its foliages stay dense to the ground, so it doesn't need plants in front.

It has an average growth rate and can expect to live for about ten years under optimal conditions. They grow best in moist to wet soil and even withstand standing water. It can tolerate some urban pollution.

This plant is an excellent choice for the gardens, but it's also suitable for pots and containers outside. These plants are frequently used as a" filler" in the containers, giving a backdrop of leaves for the thriller plants to grow out against. It is essential to remember that plants grown in outdoor pots and baskets may require more frequent watering than those specific plants growing in the yard or garden. For birds and other animals, the foliage of sedges provides vital cover and nesting grounds.

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    Palm Sedge 10 plants

    Posted by Doris Williams on Jan 23, 2022

    Thank you for delivering this varieties. Excited to plot this down.


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