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Palm Sedge (Carex muskingumensis)


Palm sedge: Carex muskingumensis, or the palm sedge, is a lovely ornamental grass that wakes up early in the spring. As a native of the United States, the perennial species comes from the rich forests of the east coasts. Consequently, it is well-suited for the moderate USDA plant hardiness zones.


Palm sedge is also a long-lived species, with a life expectancy of about ten years. It prefers a shady spot and loves soil with high moisture content, occasional flooding, or standing water. Despite its affinity for water, it is surprisingly also drought-tolerant.


Palm Sedge is Highly Decorative and Easy to Use in Your Garden


Palm sedge is an easy-natured species with no particular soil preference. However, it benefits if you help it by de-compacting heavy or clay soils when you plant it and add some organic compost to help replenish it. This step will help nourish it in clay soil, which often lacks nutrients.


You can use palm sedge as an accent plant paired with bright flowers--the lovely shade of bright green will look beautiful. Conversely, you can plant Carex muskingumensis in large, showy groupings to create an attractive, well-textured focal point.


TN Nursery suggests a few applications for palm sedge:


  •      Pond, water garden, or focal point near a water feature
  •      Rain garden
  •      Native species garden
  •      Near a creek or stream
  •      Shade garden


Regardless of where you install this ornamental, it will add vibrant and lively color.


Palm Sedge Enlivens Shady Areas


Adding color to a shady spot can present a challenge. However, the bright yellow-green of palm sedge makes great color look almost effortless.


The plant can be as tall as three feet, but it will tolerate cutting to keep it well-controlled. Leaves form from an erect central stem, measuring at least six inches long and forming a lance shape with a tapered end.


The cream or tan feathery flowers appear throughout the summer.


Order Your Palm Sedge From TN Nursery Today


Carex muskingumensis is a lovely addition to your rain garden, water garden, or pond--order yours from TN Nursery today.

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    Palm Sedge 10 plants

    Posted by Doris Williams on Jan 23, 2022

    Thank you for delivering this varieties. Excited to plot this down.

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