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Pagoda Dogwood Live Stakes

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Pagoda Dogwood Shrub - Cornus alternifolia 

The Pagoda Dogwood Shrub is mostly recognizable in the middle north region of the United States. This shrub is great for a gardens and can also be found in parks and plant arboretums. Pagoda Dogwood is a well-rounded seasonal shrub, meaning it can give you different looks throughout the four seasons. 

Pagoda Dogwood Shrub is an eccentric plant. 

The Pagoda Dogwood Shrub is typically 15 to 25 feet in height and width. This shrub really likes moisture with a light acidic, but well drained soil or mulch. Also use mulch to control the temperature of the soil and moisture retention. The Pagoda Dogwood really thrives in partial shade, but will grow in full sun if limited to 6 hours or less. 

Pagoda Dogwood Shrub are found in many zones. 

Although the shrub is between 15 - 25 feet and width, it can mature to an amazing 32 feet in width. You can find this beautiful shrub in zones 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, which consist of Illinois, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Top Northern Parts of Texas, and more. Try to stay away from alkaline soils and salt sprays. If using as part of a landscape, Pagoda Dogwood Shrubs are best has hedges or used as massing. 

The beauty of the Pagoda Dogwood Shrub is its foliage. In the Spring the Dogwood blossoms with white fragrant flowers, with fruit berries. It is in the Spring when you will see a heavy attraction of butterflies and birds in your garden or landscape partaking of the Dogwood's splendor. In the Fall and late Winter the Dogwood will show off its beautiful purplish wine to brown bark and stem colors, with reddish- purple leaves. The leaves will present in an oval or round in shape and will grow upright up to four inches in length. The white flowers will grow up to 2 inches in width, the tops will be flat and the flowers will be arranged in clusters. The bluish-black berries ripen in mid to late Summer, the perfect time for friendly birds and small animals.