TN Nursery - Our History, Our Heritage

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery started as DNT Nursery, named after its owners Dennis and Tammy Sons.

In 1997, Dennis and Tammy started DNT Nursery in their home. Tammy would peddle plants and seeds for extra money as a side job while Dennis cut timber. They continued to expand from 5 acres to their first small farm the landowner financed for them that had a home and 12 acres. The first year, the plants sold, and they were able to pay off their mortgage and be debt free.

After decades of growing up, being a part of, and watching the nursery industry change and grow, Tammy and Dennis Sons, founders of DNT Nursery, started with their 12 acres in 1997, growing plants they received from a friend that had cleaned out their cold storage and gave them thousands of premium quality plants.

While Dennis and their oldest and youngest sons, Philip and Tristan, set out all the plants by hand, Tammy addressed envelopes and had a budget of $40 to buy stamps; she sent out wholesale price lists of their inventory.

Tammy realized they needed to sell even more plants, and a computer would give her that opportunity. Her nephew took IT classes in high school, sold her a desktop computer in 1998, and showed her how to access the internet. Tammy found an online classified website for nurseries that allowed people to advertise their plants for free; they got their first big order for $600 from a listing there.

Tammy continued mailing wholesale price lists while learning how to build an online presence while working in her beauty shop; she continued peddling plants to local nurseries while Dennis quit his logging job and started farming and growing plants.

Tammy started taking horticulture classes in 1998 and since has became a highly successful plant expert offering expert advice to many journalists, tier 1 media outlets and is also on the Forbes and Newsweek business councils. She also has taken many online bootstrap marketing programs and is currently studying sustainable business infa-structure at Hardvard Business School.

That same year they sold their small homestead 12-acre farm and bought a 61-acre farm in Altamont where Tammy grew up.

At TN Nursery, Growing Was in Their Lineage

Tammy’s dad, Roscoe Tate, had been a nursery industry pioneer since 1954. He taught Dennis a lot about plants and told him he might be a logger, but his roots will always be in the nursery industry, and he will always return to it. He was wise beyond his years and was right. Tammy had worked for him in his small office growing up and knew how to run an office and sell plants. Dennis worked with him digging plants and learning about them as well.

In 2008 Dennis and Tammy had a local Nashville web design team create an economically affordable eCommerce website, and she began to sell online under the name dntnursery. They later changed the name to Tennessee Wholesale Nursery because the web designer said they needed a brand name and changed their website to When Dennis and Tammy moved to their 61-acre farm, they only grew plants and sold them to the wholesale industry. Then in 2012, they understood that the demand for plants was not only from B2B and wholesalers alone, but homeowners wanted to buy small quantities of plants for their yards. 

TN Nursery Expanded From Wholesale To Offer Retail Sales in 2012

Due to the high demand from consumers, they knew they had to change how they sold plants and offer not only wholesale customers. Their inventory also expanded to retail due to a large volume of homeowners visiting their website online, emailing, and calling, wanting to order small quantities for their lawns and do-it-yourself landscaping. This led to them expanding their operation to sell both wholesale and retail. That opened a new opportunity for them to sell more plants for retail prices.

DNT Nursery Was Changed To Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

A financial advisor told Dennis and Tammy it was best not to sell retail on their “Wholesale” branded site, so they created another website for retail customers and removed the "wholesale" to TN Nursery. Retail sales exploded, and they could grow trees and plants full-time and quit their day jobs since

TN Nursery has grown to one of the largest online mail-order nurseries in the US and has a very impressive and prestigious clientele

They have provided plants for the discovery channel’s Planet Earth Series with time-lapse photography showing how trees go from dormancy in winter months to developing buds, then leaves and blooms on their show. They have served the History Channel, starting Troy Landry with all types of plants. This famous NFL football player lives in nearby Franklin, TN, The Washington Monument, Trump Towers, The Arlington National Cemetery, 911 Crash Sites, and many more treasured clientele over the years in business.

TN Nursery - Where We Are Today

For 25 years, Dennis and Tammy Sons have owned and operated TN Nursery. For 68 years, their family has been in the industry from the legacy Roscoe Tate, Tammy’s dad, instilled in them both and getting as much experience as possible from him while in the nursery industry. Since 2008, Dennis and Tammy could no longer meet the demands of running the entire operation and have a host of excellent help. The employee H2A workers have a staff of 13 people and 6-8 people in the fields digging plants and trees daily to meet the demands for their plants.

Dennis and Tammy trained their youngest son Tristan, and he works successfully as the overhead manager of operations. His wife Karastan oversees all office and fulfillment duties as lead manager in warehouse operations as well. Bailey, the only girl, helps with plants and office duties and is always eager to help where help is needed.

TN Nursery is a hands-on, family-owned, operated business that values every customer and order. Whether large or small, they are appreciated, and they all matter.

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