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Thursday, September 15

Is organic fruits and vegetables the best?

Is organic fruits and vegetables better for you than normal fruits and vegetables?

Yes, organic fruits and vegetables are better for you because they do not have pesticides on them.

Organic fruits and vegetables have many advantages to them such as tasting better. Organic fruits and vegetables also are better for your digestive system because they contain no pesticides.

So many people get confused in the grocery store trying to determine if their choice is organic or not, here are some tips to help you determine if your fruits or vegetables are organic or not.

Read the label. If food is organic, it will state it on the label that it is 95% or 100% organic. One part is normally green, and the other part is normally red. If you see a white label, then it will say USDA organic.

Typically you can find organic grown fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market, whole food store or stores that contain a lot of organic foods and organic or natural products.

Organic foods are better for your body system because they have been well cleaned and do not contain all of the pesticides that other foods contain.

Source of Information on Organic Fruits and Vegetables