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Orange Color

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Orange Color

Plants That Bloom Orange - Orange Color Plants


 Orange is a stunning color for your lawn or garden. The color is warm and welcoming and instantly reminds you of sunny weather. Plants that bloom in this color adds instant curb appeal to your property and motivate you to spend more time in your yard. If you're looking to add a fresh new hue to your outdoor space, these beautiful flowers are the perfect solution. 




 The daylily has fiery orange blooms from spring until fall and thrives best in USDA hardiness zones 3-9. The flowers grow well in the sun but can also develop in partial shade. These perennials are a beautiful addition to your garden, but you can also use them as perimeter plants for your lawn or patio. The flowers' vivid hue contrasts nicely with their emerald green stems, and the plant grows to be a couple of feet at maturity. Daylilies will bloom the first year you plant them, but they will likely reach their full maturity about the third year of planting. The flowers are easy to grow and tend to and will increase each blooming season after the initial planting year. 


 Trumpet Vines 


 Trumpet vines are exquisite orange flowers that are shaped like small trumpets. If you live in zones 3-9, these flowers will look great in your home garden. The trumpet vine is used as a ground cover, and the bright orange blooms stand out against the plant's dark green leaves. Some trumpet vine blooms are medium orange, and others are an orange of a medium red hue. These flowers bloom in the spring and summer, bud for several months at a time, and grow under 10 feet at maturity. Even though the trumpet vine is a ground cover, it will grow upward if you hook it to a fence or trellis, which makes it a beautiful perimeter plant for your deck or porch. Once you plant trumpet vines, you don't have to tend to the plant much since these flowers can grow in both dry and moist soil. The flower also attracts hummingbirds, which can make your landscape even more picturesque. 


 These are just a few of the elegant and impressive orange plants you can grow in your home garden. We're here to help you make the perfect selection for your garden area, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about keeping your daylily or trumpet vine plants looking their best. 

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