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Tn Nurseries Best Selling Orange Colored Plants

1. Orange Daylilies

2. Trumpet Vine

3.Impatiens Capensis

4. Tiger Lily

Orange Color Plants

Are you looking for something to increase the visibility of your garden? Meet the orange-colored plants. 

These plants are often used to intensify important features of the designs. They tend to evoke the beauty and attractiveness of the gardens. The plus point of the Orange plant is that they seem smaller but more intimate. 

Orange plants can grab your attention more rapidly as compared to others. Calling them an attention seeker might not be the wrong compliment as they pull the passerby so quickly. They are the ones that must be in a garden no matter where you live. So if you want to evoke your garden's beauty, meet some special orange plants for you.

Why should you have these plants in your yard?

Orange Daylily plant

Hemerocallis fulva is a vibrant flowering perennial found in Asia and Europe. Other names of this plant include tawny daylily, ditch lily, fulvous daylily, corn lily, and tiger daylily. They are used widely in roadside and railside and hence called roadside lily and railside lily. 

The species constitutes many leaves and flowering trunks of approximately 3-6 inches tall. The leaves are hairless and flat with parallel venation that resembles a sword. When all the parts of the daylily plants developed completely, they started growing in bunches. A good gardener can grow more plants of the same species through cross-pollination. 

Cultivating these plants needs full sun, but they can also be grown in a little shaded area with minimum care as they are drought tolerant when reaching the developed stage. The daylily is a 2-4 feet long plant with an orange head, stunning yellow neck, and green bottom that attracts humans, bees, butterflies, and insects. 

They are the simplest ones and grow initially, and after attaining the peak of beauty, they harvest in summer.


Trumpet vine plant

Trumpet vine plant is a trumpet-shaped flower present in varied colors from orange to red and is a fast-growing perennial plant. It has different names such as campsis radicans, trumpet creeper, and trumpet vine, which can bloom from summer to fall according to the area. The trumpet vine grows up to 40-feet and needs drained soils with less need for fertilizers, water, and care. 

The tubular trumpet vine is the most attractive plant because of its texture and colors. Mostly, hummingbirds are fond of this flower's nectar compared to others, which is why they are called hummingbird vine. 

You will be surprised to know that hummingbirds not only eat and drink nectar, but they eat insects, too. So due to their small size, pollination of them may get affected, but the fact is that beautiful things often need more care.

They are also called hummingbird plants. People prefer these types of plants in their garden to enjoy the hummingbirds and butterflies. Most importantly, if you have kids and want them to enjoy these little insects, trumpet vines are the best-suited plants.

Turk's cap lily

Turk's cap lily is a plant having a star-shaped base with curly petals, resembling a Turk's cap. One plant has 40 lilies that attract hummingbirds and insects and looks pleasant to humans due to their appearance. 

The Turk's cap lily is an Orange flowering plant that tends to grow up to 6 feet long with no branch and is hard in texture. The leaves of the plant appear in loops 4-9 on each with the stem. One leaf is about 6-7 inches long and 1-inch broad. They are scentless and have six stamens and brown anther.

Things to keep in your mind while planting Turk's cap lily:  

  • Make the soil soft and settle
  • Select the partially shaded area
  • Well seeped and fertile soil

Watering moderately 

They beautify your yard and attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which ultimately increase the visibility and glamour of the garden. Moreover, they are used in food as they are nutritious and tasty. These plant bulbs are also used to cure cardiac areas, angina pectoris, and heart problems.

Trellis Climber Package - 15 Plants

The Trellis Climber is a package of 15 plants of three species which includes:

  • 5-vinca minor vines 
  • 5-Trumpet vines
  • 5-Honeysuckle vines 

Vinca minor vines

Vinca minor vines are one of the fastest-growing plant blooms in spring and early summer, 6-9 feet in height. It belongs to the dogbane family having blue, purple, and lavender, and white blossoms with five petals each. When thinking of having them in your yard, you have to take care of these things:

  • They grow in shaded regions or partially shaded areas.
  • They thrive in any type of soil but like to grow in compost. 
  • Due to their hardy nature, pets don't like them. 

Trumpet vines

A trumpet vine is a perennial blooming in bunches in different colors such as orange, red, and yellow flowers. They bloom in summer and late fall and grow up to 10 meters. Trumpet vines have no restrictions to grow except sunlight.

These vines are easy and grow rapidly. Planting trumpet vines need partial shade to grow in every kind of soil. 

Honeysuckle vines

Honeysuckle vines come in two colors, with several fragrant varieties. It grows in full sun and provides plenty of advantages too. They have proven health benefits, and children like them as they have a sweet taste. They resist birds and deer. They have two colors and are ready for pollination at night. The good thing about honeysuckle plants is they need watering twice a week or even once a week. So if you have an occupied schedule and cannot water them daily, the honeysuckle plant is the best option. 

Buying these three plants in a package is an incredible way to start a garden at a reasonable price. 


Let yourself be clear that if you want to make your yard not only beautiful but appealing for human beings and also hummingbirds, you must cultivate orange plants. Most orange plants are used in designing, food, and medicine. With numerous Orange plants for Sale on our website, you can choose the one you like the most.


 Orange is a stunning color for your lawn or garden. The color is warm and welcoming and instantly reminds you of sunny weather. Plants that bloom in this color adds instant curb appeal to your property and motivate you to spend more time in your yard. If you're looking to add a fresh new hue to your outdoor space, these beautiful flowers are the perfect solution. 




 The daylily has fiery orange blooms from spring until fall and thrives best in USDA hardiness zones 3-9. The flowers grow well in the sun but can also develop in partial shade. These perennials are a beautiful addition to your garden, but you can also use them as perimeter plants for your lawn or patio. The flowers' vivid hue contrasts nicely with their emerald green stems, and the plant grows to be a couple of feet at maturity. Daylilies will bloom the first year you plant them, but they will likely reach their full maturity about the third year of planting. The flowers are easy to grow and tend to and will increase each blooming season after the initial planting year. 


 Trumpet Vines 


 Trumpet vines are exquisite orange flowers that are shaped like small trumpets. If you live in zones 3-9, these flowers will look great in your home garden. The trumpet vine is used as a ground cover, and the bright orange blooms stand out against the plant's dark green leaves. Some trumpet vine blooms are medium orange, and others are an orange of a medium red hue. These flowers bloom in the spring and summer, bud for several months at a time, and grow under 10 feet at maturity. Even though the trumpet vine is a ground cover, it will grow upward if you hook it to a fence or trellis, which makes it a beautiful perimeter plant for your deck or porch. Once you plant trumpet vines, you don't have to tend to the plant much since these flowers can grow in both dry and moist soil. The flower also attracts hummingbirds, which can make your landscape even more picturesque. 


 These are just a few of the elegant and impressive orange plants you can grow in your home garden. We're here to help you make the perfect selection for your garden area, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about keeping your daylily or trumpet vine plants looking their best. 

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