Orange Blooming Perennials

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Are you looking for orange blooming perennials you can include as a part of your flower selection in your garden? We are Tennessee Nursery, and we are proud of the wide variety of flowers we provide. We have a wide variety of flowers, so, we can help you tailor your flower selection to meet your specific need. Do you want orange blooming perennials? 

The Daylily Perennial

One of the first orange blooming perennials you may be thinking about is the orange Daylily plant. This is a unique plant that many people love to include in their gardens because it is relatively easy to take care of. When you take care of this plant appropriately, it can grow to approximately 3 ft in height. The flowers are relatively large. There are individual orange petals coming from each bloom. Then, there are narrow shoes that grow from the center. The center of this plant has a bit of a lighter color and the surrounding blooms. In addition, this flower also comes in a wide variety of other colors.

The Hummingbird Plant is a perennial favorite

You may also be interested in including the hummingbird plant. This is a unique plant that produces orange blooms that look like puffs of popcorn. The stock of the bloom is a bit lighter than the rest of the flower. In addition, the flower also grows from long, thin green stems. This flower likes to grow in the shade, so make sure you think carefully about where you place it. As long as you take care of this flower, it should produce beautiful blooms that will work well with the other colors you have in your garden.

The Trumpet Vine

One of the classic orange blooming perennial options that we offer is called the Trumpet Vine. The blooms of this flower look like trumpets. They also tend to point toward the ground. The stem of this plant is a light green color. Then, the blooms protrude from the stem. There are light orange bulbs at the base of each flower. Then, the main part of this flower is a bit of a lighter color. The petals themselves are a dark orange color. This is a versatile flower that will pair well with numerous other colors. Therefore, think about including the Trumpet Vine as a flower in your garden.

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Ultimately, we are proud to provide a wide variety of orange blooming perennial options that will meet your needs. Because all of these plants have a slightly different hue to them, it would be our honor to help you find the perfect orange blooming perennials for your flower garden. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team!