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Friday, March 4

Flowers and Flags

Though our flag is known for its stars and stripes, more countries than you might think use plants as symbols instead. Canada, our neighbor to the north, is famous for its maple leaf.

Eritrea uses an olive tree. The flag for Norfolk Island in Australia uses the Norfolk pine. Here in the United States, South Carolina uses the palmetto tree.

In some cases, the original symbolism of the plant is now lost. In other cases, such as with South Carolina, it's pretty obvious. The palmetto is the state tree. However, for some flags, the plant's symbolism does transcend national boundaries and means something universal. The Kurai flower on the flag of Bashkortostan, a Russian republic, means friendship. The seven petals on the flower symbolize seven tribes which create the unity of their land. Several types of the maple tree, symbolized on the Canadian flag and useful for maple syrup and sturdy furniture, are available in our online plant nursery. Read on to learn more about the red sunset maple, silver maple, and box elder, among others.

Source of Information on Flags that Use Flowers or Plants as Symbols