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Oak trees can have spectacular fall foliage, though the exact color depends on the type of oak that you are looking at. Some oak trees are even evergreen, so they don't change color in the fall at all.

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    Oak Tree Foliage

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Oak Tree Foliage For Sale Affordable Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Oak trees can have spectacular fall foliage, though the exact color depends on the type of oak that you are looking at. Some oak trees are even evergreen, so they don't change color in the fall at all.
The most common color for oak tree foliage is yellow. They turn a bright, crisp golden color, perfect for collecting, drying, and keeping. Some oak trees turn dull yellow, and these can provide a fantastic contrast to the brighter ones, no matter how you choose to preserve them. A few oak trees, like the Pin Oak and the Northern Red Oak, display a breathtaking red color every autumn. These trees stand out from the crowd, both because they turn red instead of yellow or orange, but also because the red is more vibrant and more profound than that of many other trees.

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Other oak trees turn brown in the fall, without going through yellow or red first. You might think that these leaves aren't worth keeping, but you'd be wrong. Oak leaves turn all shades of tan, brown, bronze, and reddish-brown. While these leaves may not be as bright or enticing as the yellow and red ones, their color is often costly and thick, making them worthy of your excitement in their own right. Oak leaves are worth examining and collecting for their color alone, but their shape is also unique and worthy of your notice.

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This makes the leaf look thin, though when you examine it, you will find that it is actually about the same width as the other leaves you might encounter. Fall is one of the best seasons to get to know the oak tree. The colors and the unique leaf shape make its foliage worth seeing, appreciating, and collecting.

Oak Tree Foliage

Oak Trees 

When you take a walk outside, you'll usually see oak trees growing as they are one of the most common types of trees in North America. They are easy to maintain and tend to grow too tall heights. They can also live for decades, some as long as 100 or more years. Since the oak tree is one that grows tall, it offers an abundant amount of shade when you're outside. The tree grows well with other types of trees and by itself. 


 Oak trees are known as hardwoods and named as the national tree for the country for several years. They are often used for lumber when building and offer safe havens for animals. Most oak trees grow well in all types of climates and can be seen throughout almost all growing zones. Standard zones for growing are three to nine. When oak trees planted, they are usually placed with plenty of room around them because they can get close to 80 feet tall and about 80 feet in width for older trees. The oak doesn't require a specific type of soil for growing and often thrives in areas where there are full sunlight and an average supply of water.