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Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 19 , 2017

Get your best quality plants at a nursery

People love to work in the yard. They can beautify the area as well make sure that there is plenty of oxygen. A right mix can not just make for a beautiful garden but also contribute to the local ecology and save electricity by cooling down the house. It only takes finding the right plants and going to the proper nurseries.

When designing the yard, the designer needs to keep in a balance between practicality and beauty. This means that the first debate needs to be between lawn area and trees, as they will define the most issues. The trees add the most practicality to the yard, as their shade will eventually keep the space fresh, and thus help keep down electricity bills, but they will also make it difficult to mow the lawn, and they will define the other plants in the area. Once you have decided on the trees you want, a visit to the tree nursery or tree farm may be in order.

Boston Fern

While you are in the tree nursery, you may wish to pick out some shrubs. They are suitable for filling space, as well as adding some character to areas where you want to put something but ignore the field. Shrubs can also provide ground cover and some shade for the smaller perennials. Shrubs can also act as fences, and those at the tree farm can make some good suggestions on what would work for what you need. Once you are done with the tree nursery, the plant nursery should be your next stop.

The plant nursery is the best place to pick up some great perennials and ferns. They are raised in the best environment for growth, allowing them to be grown to the point where they just need to be planted. They may die off each year, but they will be back the next year when their flowers herald spring and make the yard a lovely place for the rest of the year. Ferns add a little flavor, even though they usually die off each year. Between the two a yard can be filled with a nice variety.

Once you have all of the perennials and ferns you need from the plant nursery, and it may be a long stop depending on what you are looking, a quick stop at the garden center is in order. Although you may have gotten some great pruning tips at the tree farm, you now need to pick up the shears. You also need to pick up some fertilizer, a rake, a hoe, a spade, and a trowel. You may even want to grab a few supplies for the lawn in general. This may not be the most expensive stop, but the garden center will seem like it.

Autumn Fern   Black-Stemmed Spleenwort Fern

Nurseries are great places to not only help you fill your yard but to also get some excellent tips for taking care of it. Before you make sure that you have questions to ask to make sure that you will run into a few problems as possible. Ask about which plants work well together and which, like roses, do not. By asking the right questions, nurseries can help you raise some beautiful scenery, making all the time and effort you put into building your yard well worth it.

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