Northern Sedge

Northern Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Deflexa Hardy Zone- 5-8 Mature Height-2ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Northern Sedge - Carex Deflexa.

If You're Looking To Spruce Up Your Garden with a Lush Green Plant, then Try Northern Sedge.
The lush green attributes of the Northern Sedge (Carex Defelxa)can be an excellent addition to your property and also melds well with the landscape. As a flexible plant, Northern Sedge can be planted almost anywhere. Northern Sedge is a great addition to match the full color of your landscape. The Northern Sedge can reach 2 feet in height and is suitable for both full sun, or sun and shade.

The grass-like Northern Sedge will beautifully grace any landscaping or gardening design. Northern Sedge is not a grass, but a flowering plant. Naturally, it is found on the edges and interiors of forests and woodland areas. The smooth, blade-like leaves will grow to about two feet when mature. Among the green blades, the leaves and spiky flowers will give subtle hints of pink, red, or purple. Plants in this species, the Carex species, produce small seeds that attract and feed many types of birds. Imagine birds and butterflies flitting above and among the swaying blades. The Northern Sedge grows well in soil that is kept moist. This durable plant prefers full sunlight, but can also be grown in partial shade. Because it is a perennial, it will continue to grow effortlessly year after year. It is easy to care for and is practically maintenance free. Y

ou can choose to prune, or even mow down, the plant after a flowering cycle to keep a tidy appearance in your lawn or garden, or it can just be left alone. It would be an attractive addition to a flower bed, giving texture to your garden as a small bush. Northern Sedge would also be appealing contained in a large planting pot. Imagine Northern Sedge rolling in the breeze, a peaceful grassy covering for a large area or bordering a pond or stream. It would also be the perfect border for a yard, walkway, or flower bed. This flowering, grass-like plant will provide the texture and movement that you are looking for in your landscaping or gardening design.



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Northern Sedge


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