Northern Pin Oak

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Latin Name-Quercus Ellipsoidalis Hardy Planting Zone-3-9 Mature Planting- 40-70 Width- 40-50 Sun or Shade- Prefers sunlight also Partial Shade

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Northern Pin Oak

Northern Pin Oak can grow and adapt too many soil conditions and can withstand some environments. If the shade is lacking in the landscape, this is the tree to solve that problem. It will have lots of colors to bring to the aspect and will be varying shades of green throughout the entire year. It is a hardy tree and can be grown by those that do not have green thumbs. It will need plenty of space. This tree produces smaller leaves that are slender and long and thin.

Northern Pin Oak also work great for creating lovely shade trees for a lawn but does need a lot of room to grow as they can grow to become magnificent and towering trees. These trees are also very easy to grow and care for and can do great in all types of soils they are planted in. They are also powerful and can take the harshness of high winds and also snow and ice storms in the winter. They bring squirrels and also a variety of birds to a location. The squirrels love the acorns that this tree produces.

Northern Pin Oak tree is one of the most popular among homeowners and landscapers because it is so easy to grow and maintain. The northern pin oak, also called the Hill's oak or Quercus ellipsoidalis, is a North American tree closely related to the scarlet oak. Growing to around 20 meters in height, it is a famous ornamental tree for its luscious leaves that turn a brilliant red color during the fall.Its popularity as an ornamental tree is helped only by its hardiness. While native to wet, clay-based soils, it can tolerate harsher soil types like sand quite well. It's most often used to make fence posts or in general construction needs, but is sometimes also burned for fuel.

Northern Pin Oak


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