Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Origin, attributes and Growing Guide

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02, 2016

Posted on Thursday 3/25

If you have a yard full of green and you are looking for something with color, something that will stand out against your home and all the green then the Nikko Blue Hydrangea is the right plant for you. The blue hydrangea grows approximately 4-6 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide and within two years will bloom all summer. The hydrangea comes in many colors such as pink and blue, but the blue is the most popular of them all. It grows best in zones 6-9 and needs full to partial sun. The Nikko Blue Hydrangea has a contrast of color against any backdrop of shrubs and bushes. Many people like them so much because they bloom spring through fall so it is a very wise investment because of all the fresh cut blooms that you can get off of one bush. Due to the aluminum in the plant, it provides a wide variety of blues on one bloom, and the blooms are large and full. The Blue Hydrangea does well in shady areas but can also be planted in a location of the partial sun. The hydrangea can be found at many different locations such as your local tree nursery, garden center or greenhouse. I love the Nikko Blue Hydrangea because it makes a great addition to my yard. I love hearing my neighbors as they drive by or my family and friends as they come to visit and my hydrangea is in full bloom, they are astounded. When my family and friends are astounded by the look, then it makes me feel good too. Having a beautifully landscaped yard not only makes one feel good but it gives you a sense of pride as well. It gives you a feeling of completion and happiness to come home too. I don’t like it when I get cabin fever in the fall and winter because my yard is dull and brown, but come pretty sunny weather I can’t be held inside for long. I use planting my flowers, trees, and shrubs as a stress reliever…I can get out there and dig in the dirt, pulling and tugging on weeds and take my anger and frustration out. It feels wonderful!