Nikko Blue Hydrangea

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    Posted by Bill Williams on Jan 09, 2022

    A good accent for my balcony area. I purchased this variety from TN nursery and slowly flourishing now. So excited for springtime. TN nursery has the best ever varieties. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill on Jan 07, 2022

    This superb bloom stays amazingly in my garden last summer. My additional orders last week came in today in secured packaging. Many thanks TN nursery, I am getting ready for spring.

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Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Hydrangea macrophylla - is considered a traditional cultivar in the world of mophead hydrangeas and has established itself as the benchmark against numerous different blue hydrangeas for sale.

Even though there are several different types of hydrangea, each of which is stunning and plentiful in blossoms, there are certain timeless variations of the plant that spring to memory when you think of hydrangeas; Nikko blue hydrangea being one of them. It is a member of the Hydrangea macrophylla species and is characterized as bigleaf hydrangea. These deciduous flowering shrubs are mophead hydrangea, hortensia, or French hydrangea. The term mophead refers to the enormous balls of sepals that they create.

It is a multi-stemmed plant that possesses an erect growth habit. This plant features hardy sepals instead of flowers that initially emerge in July and are robust bract-like forms that last for several months. This plant is pest-free, deer-resistant, and simple to cultivate in full shade or partial shade and is prevalent all across America.

This plant blooms around early summer lasting approximately two months, and is highly floriferous, meaning it keeps producing fresh flower stalks during the summertime. It is a fast-growing plant featuring giant, spherical flower heads that bloom in a vibrant, sky blue color over the summer. The vivid flowers persist for months, adding texture to the landscape far into fall, even after their color has begun to fade. Its foliage is moderate greenish with gigantic, glossy, serrated leaves. 

These leaves are 8 inches or more in length and cover the plant straight down to the soil surface, forming a circular mound that helps conceal the land underneath it and inhibit the growth of weeds. It is covered in gigantic balls of rich-blue blooms during the summer that lingers for weeks on end. Even though they finally fade to a light brown hue, they remain on the plants until the end of the season, offering them an aesthetically pleasing aspect.

Wherever a striking flash of color is desired, Nikko Blue Hydrangea is available to provide it

Amongst various house garden plants, this hue of blue is scarce, but Nikko Blue Hydrangea produces a deep indigo shade that is sure to become the central feature of your landscape. For even more blue magnificence in your home during summer, you may welcome stunning fresh flower arrangements of these plants indoors, or you can use dried flowers to create a breathtaking and aesthetic showcase.

In bloom from late June to September, this award-winning plant attracts attention with its vast, 6-inch pom-pom-like petals set amidst emerald green leaves that create an ethereal quilt-like appearance. These leaves feature light green veins that are deeply embedded and form a carved, swirl-like pattern on the surface of the leaves.

This fast-growing plant will have hit its maximum size within two or three years, making it a perfect remedy for a rapidly expanding privacy screen. This beautiful shrub thrives in shaded regions. It creates a thick clump of huge leaves adorned with giant circular heads of stunning blue flowers that bloom throughout the season throughout the summertime. The color of the blooms will also be more vibrant in the shade.

They expand to a height of about 6 feet and a spread of about the same. By pruning a bit deeper every spring, you may keep the height under control and direct the size of your plants. The longer you keep it in the shade, the shorter the plant will remain. In some dire situations, it might even remain small enough to mimic the size of a big perennial.

Growing condition

They prefer soil that is moist, fertile, and also well-draining. As with several other ornamental plants, this plan will also suffer in overly wet or soggy soil. The pH level of the soil combination in which you want to plant your shrub is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. It is relatively simple to alter the color of your hydrangea shrub to either blue or pink by changing the pH level of your soil.

Acidic soils would produce blue blossoms, whereas alkaline soils would produce pink blossoms on these shrubs' branches. You can mix aluminum sulfate to the soil if you want to get a bluer shade of the flowers, or you may add lime to the soil if you're going to get a more pink hue.


This plant caters to all sorts of applications, from foundation plantings to container plantings. It is a magnificent shrub to employ as an ornamental specimen or border plant in semi-shaded settings. It develops to a size that allows it to offer dependable foundation planting across walls and fences and for partitioning and screening purposes. It looks stunning whether you use it as an accent plant among lighter green plants or even if you mass plant them to increase the visual impact of their beautiful blossoms in massive fields. 

It is prized for its spectacular, profuse, and beautiful flower clusters. It bears lovely deep green foliage on a robustly branched, mounded structure and develops on old wood. Its purple, pink, and white color schemes are ideal for using this plant as a focal point in your cool-toned landscape. It is efficient as a hedge and produces beautiful cut flowers as well.

You may incorporate it as a single plant within any shaded border. However, a vast territory of Nikko Blue Hydrangea, planted across a shaded wall or driveway, next to trees, or beside a shady pathway, is a lovely and straightforward method to create an environment of true serenity and tranquility.

Best time to Harvest: July to August

Soil: rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils

Zone: 5 to 11

Height at maturity: 6 to 10 feet tall with a 6 to 10 feet width

Sun exposure: Partial shade, full shade

Ship as: Bare root


Nikko Blue Hydrangea Shrubs For Sale

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