NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Natural pesticides for you plants and trees are the best thing. Using natural pesticides will also be great for our environment.

Natural pesticides come in several varieties. You may plant small plants spaced throughout your vegetable garden that will stop the bugs from eating your beautiful vegetables.

You can also make sprays and powders yourself, but you will need to make sure they will not harm your plants, so this may take some research. You may also want to check your gardens, and if you see insects or eggs on your plants' leaves, you can use a soft towel to wipe them off. This method will be one that you will need to do every day. You can also make your pesticides from things such as liquid soap, cayenne pepper, garlic, and corn starch. You will need spray bottles adequately labeled as to which pesticide is used for a specific plant. That will take some research to determine how to mix these ingredients and which plants to use them. You can also check with an organic nursery to find out which natural pesticide would suit you to use. Liquid soap is the most popular form of natural pesticide and can be used on indoor and outdoor plant varieties. A fabulous website to visit would be, they are a great online nursery and tree nursery that make sure that you get everything you want and all your questions are answered. You may also wish to call them at 1-931-692-4252 with any questions that you may have. This website can answer a wide variety of questions concerning natural pesticides for your plants and trees.

Source of Information on Natural Pesticides