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Native Wild Plants For Tennessee

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We have carefully chosen our native wild plants for Tennessee that will do exceptionally well in your beautiful state; however, any of our seeds will grow perfect in this state because we are located and grow our plants in this state. If you are delighted with our 160 handpicked options we have available to you please place a comment in the section given to you in the area of the checkout when you complete your checkout and please let us know what you love the most about our site, and our vast variety so that we can broaden what seeds we can offer to the state of Tennessee. 

Native Wild Plants For Tennessee make an elegant addition to any home garden or landscape

This plant is unique when grown as it has a cluster of beautiful oblong green leaves which the long stems from the flowers grow from the center. The stems of this plant appear to be a lime green as they mature. They look great when planted with other perennials that offer lots of colors and brings lovely curb appeal when everything is in bloom during the spring and summer. When the flowers start developing, they are pink in color. However, when they mature, they turn into a darker rich hue, which is light blue-purple. They will blossom during spring and continue to bloom until summer.

Native Wild Plants for Tennessee are easy to grow and pleasant to look at

A commonly grown flowering herbaceous perennial plant, they are very low maintenance, and usually self-seeds - although if you wish to prevent that you should deadhead the daisy. Prefering full sun and well-drained soil, it will tolerate almost any conditions.


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