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Native Wetland Plants

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Affordable native wetland plants

Are you wondering where to buy affordable native wetland plants online? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a huge range of wetland plants that are native to the US and all are available at low grower prices.

Native wetland plants for your zone

Regardless of which USDA hardiness zone your landscape is located in, if you’re planting in the US, we’ve got a great range of native wetland plants that are hardy to your zone. And not only that, we grow native wetland plants that are perfectly adapted to each zone. That means, when you place your order, we’ll select individual plants that are adapted to your climate so they can not just grow but truly thrive in their new home.

Affordable native wetland plants for your garden

Whether you’ve got a boggy patch of soil or you want to create a beautiful water feature in your garden, we’ve got native wetland plants to suit your space. Our everyday, low grower prices mean you save on small plant quantities — you don’t even have to buy a minimum number of plants.

Affordable native wetland plants for your commercial landscape or habitat regeneration project

Whether you’re overseeing a commercial landscape project or regenerating a damaged habitat, we’ve got a huge range of native wetland plants to suit your needs. We know how expensive these projects can be so we’ve worked hard to deliver awesome discounts on our already low, everyday prices so you don’t have to skimp on numbers to keep your project affordable.

Pro tip:

Native wetland plants are perfect for habitat regeneration projects. But to truly regenerate a damaged wetland environment, you need to plant appropriate species in every wetland zone. That means you need bog plants, emergent and marginal plants, deep marginals, floaters and oxygenators. So, make sure you grab some of each when you place your order.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on native wetland species, all our native wetland plants look beautiful, grow beautifully and have a beautiful price.