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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

All You Need To Know About Native Plants

Native plants are specific varieties that are found naturally in specific geographical locations. These are wild plants that are known to thrive in a particular location and climate.

They are primarily found in the wild or forests in favorable conditions. Native plants are now being extensively used for landscaping home gardens and yards as well.

Why Use Native Plants?

That is often a question that bothers us. It is essential to understand why you should be choosing native varieties over other plants for the success of your garden. Native plants are very adaptable, and they require less maintenance and care. Native plants and wildflowers can thrive in your local climatic conditions, and you would not have to worry about them. Moreover, native plants are very natural and beautiful. They can add a lot of color and texture to the entire landscape, making it look stunning.

Another important reason is that native plants attract a lot of native wildlife in colorful butterflies, bees, insects, and birds. By growing these plants, you can provide a natural habitat for some beautiful native species.

Where To Use Native Plants?

You can grow native plants in flowers beds or even on borders. They can be grown in clusters in the yard. The best way to use these plants is to scatter them around naturally. They are ideal for wildflower gardens, and you can apply them for naturalization. You can also use different native plants and perennials to enhance cottage gardens, traditional gardens, and other country-style garden themes. You can use them just about anywhere, and they will be an asset. Any landscape or garden design can be made distinct with the use of some native varieties.

What kind of Native Plants can I grow?

Native plants can be flowering perennials or wildflowers, ornamental grasses, or even fern plants. Many indigenous varieties occur naturally in a given area. It is essential to understand the plant requirements before choosing any for your garden. For best results, go in for native varieties that are known to thrive in your location. Wildflowers like Ragwort, Black-Eyed Susan, Anemone, Blue Iris, and Coneflowers are excellent to add vibrant colors to the landscape. You can also grow some beautiful native grasses to add a vertical presence to your garden.

You can find numerous native plants, wildflowers, and native grasses in a reputed online nursery. Try growing some of them in your garden, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy their natural beauty.

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