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Friday, February 25

Native grasses and shrubs have existed in their splendid natural beauty for centuries.

However, now they are among the latest additions to create interesting landscape and garden designs. The diverse adaptability and a unique charm of the native grasses are finally being recognized as the new upscale in landscape design. A large variety of native grasses and shrubs are getting increasingly adopted for multiple uses across North America.

In addition to their newfound design enhancement capabilities, some of the major usages of these varieties include soil erosion prevention in lawns, pastures and bio-mass crops, and bio-diverse habitat preservation in wetlands.

native plant nursery is a good place to start if you are looking to plant a few selected varieties of native grasses. If you buy plants online, you may also check with your online sources for the native grasses and shrubs. Native grasses essentially refer to local, regional or national grasses that have originated naturally in the country, and have remained an integral part of the areas where they grow. One of the benefits of these grasses is their higher adaptability to different conditions, which has increased the interest of landscape designers in these varieties.

The new designs for gardens and landscapes prefer to include grasses and plants that do not require very high maintenance in terms of watering, fertilization, insecticides, and soil additives. This is where native grasses and shrubs are finding favor with the new breed of landscape designers. These grasses do not require fungicides due to their natural ability to fight the fungal infections. Such attributes makes these grasses a more eco-friendly choice. A number of regions across the United States are being reclaimed with the assistance of native grass plantations.

Carex Pennsylvanica is a popular native grass that serves as an ideal shade ground cover due to its spreading tendency and a tough disposition. In terms of design and appearance, this variety creates a fountain-like soft effect in a shade lawn. It grows quite easily, and blends nicely with most types of plants. Carex Pennsylvanic grows successfully in sunny areas, and at the same time it has a good shade tolerance too. In shady areas, the grass can be used as a groundcover or along the borders of the garden.

Viburnum Lentago, an ornamental native shrub or a small ornamental tree is also a good option for innovative landscape designs. This shrub grows up to 18 feet tall and 10 feet wide on fully maturity, with an upright broad columnar growth. It tolerates sunny areas as well as partial shades quite well. It can thrive in areas with sufficient moisture and a soil of average fertility. However, it is also widely adaptable to different kinds of soil conditions, including poor soils or highly acidic or dry soils.

Aronia Melanocarpa is a multi-stemmed deciduous native shrub that typically forms large colonies and spreads rapidly. It is usually ranges between three and five feet in height, but in some cases may grow taller. The grass maintains a nice luster and shine in summer, with light green lower surface and dark green upper surface. Its autumn foliage presents itself in exquisite colors such as purples, burgundy, and orange. You can look for these unique grasses from a native plant nursery or check them out where you buy plants online.

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