Nanny Berry Seedlings

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Latin Name- Viburnum Lentago Hardy Planting Zone- 2-8 Mature Height- 12-15 ft Width- 10- 15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Nanny Berry Seedlings

Nannyberry Seedlings will grow into a beautiful shrub, which is a species of Viburnum. This plant is native to the northeastern and midwestern portion of the United States. It can be considered a rather large shrub or a small tree. The twigs of this plant will have an offensive odor if crushed or broken. This shrub is also known by its scientific name of Viburnum Lentago as well as more familiar names like sheepberry and sweet viburnum. This is a very hardy shrub. The nannyberry seedlings are botanically known as Viburnum lentago and are a member of the honeysuckle family. It is a shrub that its appearance that changes with every season. This is a shrub gets clumps of small white fragrant flowers that bloom in mid to late May.

Nanny Berry Seedlings leaves of the bush are 2 to 5 inches long and light green and when mature become dark glossy green. In the fall the leaves turn reddish to burgundy color before they fall from the branches. This shrub produces fruit that is light in color, which turns black in fall and during the winter it has a raisin like an appearance. It is a shrub or tree that is used in landscaping for driveways, walkways and as a natural fence because of the dense foliage, flowers, berries and pleasant appearance.

Nanny Berry Seedlings is also a shrub that spreads by its root system making it a perfect choice for borders for driveways, walkways, and gardens or as an ornamental in landscaping or as a hedge. The nannyberry seedlings can also be trimmed to have a tree appearance rather than a shrub by cutting the sucker branches at the base. This is a winter food for wildlife including bobwhites, ruffed grouse, and pheasants. It is also a larval host to the Spring Azure butterfly.

Nanny Berry Seedlings



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