Mountain Mint

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Latin Name- Pycnathemum Munticum Mature Height- 1-3 ft Width- 2 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun


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Mountain Mint 

One of the most useful additions to any garden is the mountain mint plant. Native to North America and Canada, this plant blooms in midsummer, for around a full month in July and August. When in bloom, this plant blossoms with white to light purple flowers with purple spots. Even when not in bloom, the mountain mint is a lovely addition to the garden with a beautiful light green hue. Being fully edible, the leaves can be ground to be used as a spice that will add a minty heat to anything from meats to drinks. This useful plant also can be used medicinally, the most common method being using dried leaves to make a hot tea that can be used to help ease the symptoms of mouth sores and toothaches as well as indigestion and sore throats. The crushed flowers can be placed directly on a sore tooth or a wound to help ease the pain. On top of all this, the plant can also be used as a laundry additive in the dryer, which will keep clothes smelling fresh. It has the same effect on skin when added to a bath! As a bonus, the smell is thought to keep insects away, making it a natural pest deterrent. The Mountain Mint plant can be used in lots of recipes when cooking.  It is often used to flavor meats and sauces and can also be used in desserts.  This plant can also be boiled into teas and used to help with menstrual issues.  It can also be used on toothaches and even on wounds and helps with the pain that they cause.Mountain Mint is a beautiful plant and also attracts butterflies into a garden.  They grow to be up to three feet tall. They can also spread and cover an area that is close to three feet wide.  These plants thrive when planted in moist and well-drained soils.  They like full sunlight and also partially shaded areas.  They are great because they can also withstand drought conditions.  The blooms on this plant are a very light pink, and they bloom from July through September.  

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