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Mosses For Tennessee

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Mosses For Tennessee are very affordable in our online nursery

We offer 16 different types of moss plants to your state; We get only the finest from all over the US to make sure our customers are thoroughly pleased with the result of the seeds that they receive from us. Please take the time at the point of checkout to stop and leave us your input in the form of a comment in the section given so that we can better our company and offer a more broad selection to your state and many others.

Mosses For Tennessee come in several different varieties and transplant fairly easy

There are different species of moss, and each variety can be found in the wild. I love seeing moss in its natural form, growing in thick carpeting on the north side of the tree. The ability to landscape with live moss is a fantastic way to cover those bare areas where shade is in abundance and grass will not grow! Since it does not have actual roots, it is easy to harvest, and transplant.

Mosses for Tennessee keep out invasive species of other plants

If you're looking for a natural form of weed control, a way to keep out invasive species, or for ground cover, then you may well want to consider tree apron moss (Anomodon attenuatus). Tree apron moss does well in growing zones two through seven. It can grow in either full shade or sunlight.