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Mosses For Ohio

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We offer many different types of moss plants to your state; we get only the finest from all over the US to make sure our customers are thoroughly pleased with the result of the plants that they receive from us.

Our moss is chosen very carefully just for your state. Please take the time at the point of checkout to stop and leave us your input in the form of a comment in the section given so that we can better our company and offer a more broad selection to your state and many others.

Mosses For Ohio include Haircap Moss 

If homeowners are looking for moss for their landscaping needs, they might want to consider hair or haircap moss. There are almost 70 species that fall under the genus Polytritchum. Polytrititchum is a moss type that has a wide distribution, and its "furry" and attractive appearance can make it a desirable addition to property.

Mosses for Ohio can be used for a variety of ornamental purposes

Topiary Moss pieces can make anything you want. Most people use chicken wire to mold a design and then put moss pieces in the small holes of the wire. Its exotic and fun and lasts forever! Cushion moss and other types are best for your topiary designs. Topiary mosses are an important item when it comes to creating fantastic shapes and displays in your garden. The moss simply acts as a base to fill the frame of your chosen shape. Popular ideas include geometric shapes and various animals. The mosses themselves require no long-term maintenance. You simply wet them and fill the frames with them.

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