Moss Grab Bag

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Hardy Planting Zone 3-9, Light Requirement - Sun/ Shade, Mature Height 2"
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Garden Moss Grab Bag - 10 Square Feet A Selection Of Mosses Perfectly Chose For Your Planting Zone

Garden Moss Grab Bag is a great choice if selecting just one or two of the mosses offer is hard.  It can be a difficult choice to just pick one or two; they are so beautiful!  This grab bag will contain ten square feet of live garden moss that is specifically selected to match the climate zone of your garden or landscape area.  Although we do not offer the ability to select the mosses that are put into the grab bag, you will not be disappointed.  Each moss is hand selected and packaged with care before it is shipped.  They are shipped as a bare root plant and will be ready to put in the ground upon arriving at its destination.  Some choices that might be included are cushion moss, which has a beautiful silvery or green looking depending on its moisture level and is great for accenting the entire garden.  Another choice would be sheet moss which grows outward over an area almost creating a carpet of its own in the landscape.  It is beautiful and tranquil in appearance.  Rock Cap Moss is another great selection, and it can grow over many things, including rocks, which looks amazing and magical.  Carpet Moss is also a moss that grows outward and will form a carpet throughout the area it is planted in.  Any of the moss that will be included have great potential and will make a garden area look magical and fairy tale like in its appearance.  Try this grab bag!

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