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Great Places To Plant Mosses

Mosses can be grown in all types of soils except those with high sand content. Mosses require a stable, smooth surface. Pebbles, leaves or other loose debris should be removed to encourage moss growth. There is no need to adjust the pH of the soil to grow moss. Since they don’t have roots that withdraw nutrients from the soil, the soil pH is not a significant issue. Mosses are slow growing and can take some time to acclimate to a new environment when transplanted. Watering the moss daily for the first couple of months after it is planted will promote growth.

Mosses grow best in shady areas. Sheet moss is one of the most natural mosses. It will also increase in moderate sunlight, but direct sunlight should be avoided. It is a low growing; medium green shade. Sheet moss is very versatile and may be used as ground cover on pathways or stepping stones. Another plant growth is highly complemented by sheet moss. Moss is usually the first choice for those crating a moss lawn.

Rock cap moss is a medium to dark green shade and usually grows on rocks or boulders. Rock cap moss grows exceptionally well in deeply shaded areas but is prone to if left in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes. It is easily transplanted into the soil or on rocks. Rock cap moss is used to make rock gardens. They are an essential part of the design for Japanese rock gardens.

Sphagnum moss grows in bogs, usually in warm climates. The moss does not grow well in colder climates and attempting to cultivate it at home may prove difficult. It is often harvested and compressed for use in the flower industry. The grade of the moss depends upon the quality. Higher quality sphagnum moss is used to grow orchids.

Moss pads of different varieties are available to grow mosses. They are a convenient way to begin increasing moss for rock gardens, terrarium tanks or to complement other foliage. The moss pad is simple to use. It can even be attached to wood. Moss pads may be tied to the wood with string, and within a few weeks, the moss will be firmly rooted, and the string can be removed.