Moss For Zone 7

The Advantages Of Planting Live Moss.

Moss is a beautiful carpet-like plant that gives its surrounding an array of green coloring. There are many varieties of moss, and each one of them decorates its environment. Moss grows very close to the ground and becomes thick over time making a great cover over rocks, soil, water bottoms, and more. Some of the most popular mosses are aquarium moss, sheet moss, topiary moss and peat moss. Every one of these gorgeous plants has something to offer while having significant environmental advantages.
Aquarium moss comes in several types. There is Java moss which is an excellent plant for fish to lay their eggs. Christmas tree is another type of moss that gets its name because of the way the stalks branch out in a Christmas tree pattern. Along with adding a gorgeous attribute to your aquarium, the advantages of aquatic moss include better water quality and fewer algae. It also serves as spawning habitat and provides oxygen and nutrients to your water.
Sheet moss and topiary moss are two species of moss that are often used in flower arrangement or home decor. Both of these beautiful mosses offer elegance to any feature. Sheet moss is often planted over rock or soil because it covers the ground. Its second name is actually "Carpet Moss." Topiary moss is a common horticultural trick used in ornamental gardening, and some of the ornaments created out of this moss are just ravishing!
Peat moss comes from the wetlands. It is often used to aerate the soil by improving the soils water retention. The planting of Peat moss is usually done in the compact soil as to improve drainage. Some people even use it to create their soil blends while promoting root growth.
Whatever type of moss you are planning to plant, it will bring you patient satisfaction. This beautiful plant is low maintenance which is of great importance to our busy schedules. The advantages of planting moss don't stop there! Moss plays a huge role in protecting the soil from erosion by covering the ground with a blanket of serenity. The carpet-like plant provides many much-needed nutrients to the soil and water. Planting moss is natural to do since the plan is developed from spores instead of seeds. Regardless of the type of moss you choose to plant, this is one plant that everyone should have around!