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Moss For Zone 7

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Moss For Zone 7

Purchase Moss For Zone 7 Fresh Harvested from Tn Nursery

Moss For Zone 7 is a beautiful carpet-like plant that gives its surrounding an array of green coloring. There are many varieties of moss, and each one of them decorates its environment. Moss grows very close to the ground and becomes thick over time making a great cover over rocks, soil, water bottoms, and more. Some of the most popular mosses are aquarium moss, sheet moss, topiary moss and peat moss. Every one of these gorgeous plants has something to offer while having significant environmental advantages.

Moss for Zone 7 has several different types for a variety of Planting Areas 

Aquarium moss comes in several types. There is Java moss which is an excellent plant for fish to lay their eggs. Christmas tree is another type of moss that gets its name because of the way the stalks branch out in a Christmas tree pattern. Along with adding a gorgeous attribute to your aquarium, the advantages of aquatic moss include better water quality and fewer algae. It also serves as spawning habitat and provides oxygen and nutrients to your water.
Sheet moss and topiary moss are two species of moss that are often used in flower arrangement or home decor. Both of these beautiful mosses offer elegance to any feature. Sheet moss is often planted over rock or soil because it covers the ground. Its second name is actually "Carpet Moss." Topiary moss is a common horticultural trick used in ornamental gardening, and some of the ornaments created out of this moss are just ravishing!
Peat moss comes from the wetlands. It is often used to aerate the soil by improving the soils water retention. The planting of Peat moss is usually done in the compact soil as to improve drainage. Some people even use it to create their soil blends while promoting root growth.

Moss for Zone 7 helps cover the ground with a blanket of serenity

Whatever type of moss you are planning to plant, it will bring you patient satisfaction. This beautiful plant is low maintenance which is of great importance to our busy schedules. The advantages of planting moss don't stop there! Moss plays a huge role in protecting the soil from erosion by covering the ground with a blanket of serenity. The carpet-like plant provides many much-needed nutrients to the soil and water. Planting moss is natural to do since the plan is developed from spores instead of seeds. Regardless of the type of moss you choose to plant, this is one plant that everyone should have around!

Moss For Zone 7

Mood Moss

The dense, vibrant nature of mood moss along with its vividly bright green color makes it a standout choice in several arrangements. Maintenance for this lush plant is low as it requires minimal watering. Ideally, the moss should be kept moist when it is first established in a new location to allow for optimal growth. It can be sprayed lightly with water as needed to prevent it from becoming too dry throughout six months. Once it takes to hold the mood, moss is remarkably resistant to drought and other arid temperaments. It is highly advised that the plant not be left in direct sunlight. It prefers an environment that provides natural light that is bright yet indirect. It will also flourish in shady areas at an optimal temperature between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Its trademark name "mood" is used to describe the changes in appearance the moss undergoes when exposed to different levels of humidity. It is noticeably irregular and wispy-looking when dry and more full and strongly curved when wet. The moss also takes hold exceptionally well to a variety of surfaces, including soil, stone, and wood. This makes it the perfect plant for open-air terrariums, outdoor landscapes, indoor projects, rock gardens, and much more. The mood moss is also known for being supportive and works well as a base for displaying exotic plants or housing reptiles in an enclosed terrarium. No matter the place or time of year, mood moss is a beautiful addition to any home or living space and looks great in both small and large quantities.


Hardy zone- USDA zones 6-10. Botanical Name- Dicranum scoparium. Sun or Shade - No direct sunlight, shade, and humidity are best. Mature Height- 2-4". Mature Width- 3-4". Bloom Season- Year-round. Gardener Status- Beginner.

Irish Moss - Chondrus crispus

The Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) plant is also referred to as carrageen moss. It is commonly found growing along the Atlantic coasts of both Europe and North America. It has also been found growing in the Pacific from California to the shores of Japan. The Irish Moss is a red algae that grows in various colors. Irish moss can be found in a greenish-yellow hue or a reddish-purple hue. Sometimes it also will appear to be a purple-brown color. Irish Moss has a sea scented smell when it is softened in water. Irish moss can contain 20-100 times in weight in water, and when boiled, it turns into a jelly. Irish moss is a small sea alga that only reaches about twenty centimeters in length. It grows from a disk shape and branches out about four or five times in a fan-like a pattern. The branches are 2 to 15mm broad. The branches are firm and range in color from white to red to green. Irish moss is found growing on rocks along shorelines down to the subtidal zone. It can reach the ocean floor, where it is difficult for sunlight to achieve it. It is comprised of about fifty-five percent carrageenan, fifteen percent mineral matter, and 10 percent protein. It is also rich in sulfur and iodine. Carrageenan is produced from Irish Moss; this is a thickener found in ice cream, lunch meats, and other processed foods. Irish moss is boiled in Venezuela with milk and honey and then strained from the cooked mixture. It is believed to help with chest congestion and sore throats. Many home beer brewers use it to clarify beer. It also is boiled with milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to make a tapioca type of dessert in Scottland. Irish Moss reproduces like seaweed and has an alternation of the generation life cycle.

Sphagnum Moss - Sphagnum Flexuosum

Sphagnum moss, also known as peat moss, consists of around 380 species of moss. Sphagnum moss holds an immense amount of water within its cells, making it a hardy plant that can thrive in many types of conditions. Typically, though, sphagnum is found in marshes and conifer forests. Most sphagnum has a high pH (acidity). This fluctuates within the different species of moss. Where it grows, determines its traits and acidity.


For gardening enthusiasts, sphagnum can be used with a variety of plants. It can be used as a replacement for soil, or as a decorative accent for succulent and fairy gardens and even bonsai trees.


Sphagnum can grow to a depth of multiple feet given the right conditions. Mossy bogs have even been known to preserve bodies and other archaeological treasures. In colder parts of the world, the moss is used as insulation. In other areas, peat moss is used to clean up septic tank messes. The most beneficial way moss has been used is in aiding in regrowth of the damaged regions, particularly wetlands, by way of quickly spreading spores and its sturdy, versatile nature. Sphagnum moss is a useful plant that has its place in nearly every setting.

Sheet Moss For Your Garden

Sheet moss for your garden is quite essential for your garden because it helps you create a base layer for much of your planting. Someone who is building a garden needs more green to add to space, and you may use the sheet moss for many things. You may cut out patterns from sheet moss, or you may use your sheet moss purchase to create a flat ground where you may plant. This article explains how to use sheet moss when you are gardening.


#1: Cutting Sheet Moss


Cutting sheet moss is one of the most natural things for you to do, and you may spell words, create numbers, or cut out patterns that will look good in the garden. You may use the sheet moss in any configuration you like, and you may purchase large sheets that look good.


#2: Base Layers


The base layer you create with the moss will cover the ground where your plants have been placed. You may slide the sheet moss around your flowers, and you may place it around the base of your shrubs. Someone who is looking for a simple base layer may layout the sheet moss, and you will see the flowers growing out of the moss.


#3: The Moss Is Easy To Care For


The moss you are using is more natural to care for when you have tended it in the same way a plant would be. The moss needs water and air, and the moss may be easier to manage when you are watering it regularly. You may place the moss in a cool place that will collect moisture, and the moss will be fed quite well when you leave it in the coldest place in the room.


There are quite a few people who are using moss to make their garden look perfect. You may cut the moss any way you like, and you may use it to support your flowers.

Terrarium Moss

Terrarium moss is easy-to-care-for, decorative greenery for anyone who is seeking a low-maintenance and personalized plant that will liven up any room. Each one of these fuzzy, green works of art can be created with a unique design or as a matching set. A moss terrarium can range in size from a small canning jar to a large glass aquarium. A terrarium can be customized by arranging various types of moss displaying different shades of green. And since moss requires no dirt, it can be shaped to fit any container without the hassle of sculpting a new growing place for each moss out of loose soil. Seeing that moss can grow in almost every environment, it is guaranteed to be as lush and vibrant after shipping as the day it was harvested.


Moss terrariums are built to last. Best of all, they are as simple as they are durable. Using a spray bottle to keep the moss moist will ensure longevity. As long as the moss is kept out of intense sunlight and not allowed to dry up, it will provide a year-round touch of green to any living space.


Moss for Zone 7 is Available to Purchase from Tn Nursery with Quick Shipping and Affordable Rates