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1. Haircap Moss

2. Sheet Moss

3. Fern Moss

4. Carpet Moss

5. Pin Cushion Moss

Pefect Moss Garden for the sun is easy-to-grow moss for your full sun location.

No matter which USDA hardiness you garden in, we have a couple of handfuls of gorgeous varieties that will tolerate and thrive in a full sun position in all the climates present throughout the U.S. Every range we sell is easy to care for and easy to maintain. If you're unsure how to grow this plant, we offer a virtually fool-proof solution like the moss-covered rocks.

Full sun moss will thrive just about anywhere.

These rocks are highly decorative with great coloring and so would enhance any landscape. The real genius of these rocks is that they come covered in a wide variety of moss. This means you can plant them wherever you want, and you won't have to even think about how to help them establish themselves — this step is already done for you. Of course, this makes moss-covered rocks a perfect option for anyone new to growing moss. But it also makes building their moss much easier for kids and those with developmental impairments.

Pro tip:

Plant these between pavers to liven up a garden path. Or you can even use this plant as a lawn alternative that doesn't need to be mowed! 

Topiary Moss 

Topiary is splendid. It's a unique and creative plant product that appeals to any garden or landscape. It's a way to compliment your plants, vines, shrubs, and so much more. It's also an enjoyable plant that does not require watering or maintenance. Topiary can create unique creations such as horses, slippers, mice, balls, elephants, bears, dogs, trees, fairies, dolphins, turtles, seahorses, unicorns, fish, swans, hearts, deer, cats, dinosaurs, birds, flamingos, wreaths, hedges, shoes, holiday trees, and more.

The beautiful garden plant also includes moss mats, lawn nets, ferns, and more. Animal topiary moss can be a beautiful and unique display. You can add a plant design to the likeness of wildlife or your pet. When planning an animal display, you must do the following:

  1. * Select a frame
  2. * Place sphagnum in a large bucket to soak
  3. * Fill the legs with moss
  4. * Fill the body and had with moss
  5. * Wrap microfilm around the frame to arrange the moss
  6. * Utilize scissors to even out the project

The horticulture world welcomes topiary artwork. Many artists create topiary forms for movies, celebrities, U.S. Presidents, casinos, businesses, and more. You can also create a moss topiary tree for the table. People who create topiary moss also use sphagnum moss, trimming shears, and color spray to complete the moss project. Topiary dates from the period of Julius Caesar. It also became popular in Portugal, South Korea, and Europe.

During the 16th century, European landscapes were dazed with lawns full of topiary moss. Topiary was also a significant factor at Versailles. Topiary Moss is an excellent way to create a character in your garden. You can use your imagination to create favorable and charming topiary moss for any garden project. It's a style form to make artwork that will dazzle any landscape.

Irish Moss

Irish Moss is an ideal and adaptable plant for area coverage in the garden. It can grow and maintain in narrow areas where foot traffic may be heavily present. One will find that the growing of and upkeep of Irish Moss, or as referred to by its scientific title, Sagina subulata, is considered by garden experts to be simple to grow and maintain. This plant is similar to others in the moss family, but it is not. When the plant blooms, it produces tiny white flowers to complement a bed of tightly bound stems and leaves.

When kept in open sunlight areas with shade cover, Irish Moss flourishes and spreads out, reaching between 1-2 inches in height. The ideal soil should allow easy draining, and shallow soil conditions are acceptable. It is recommended that the seeds are placed at least 12 inches apart.

The crowded growth and the trimming off areas that have turned can be remedied by merely cutting out a specified area and pushing down the remaining roots into the damp soil. Irish Moss tends to be happier in a slightly cooler climate vs. hot, high temperatures ( the deep green color is at its most poignant in the cooler temperatures); the time to plant is in the spring season after the possibility of a frost has passed, the white flowers will bloom throughout the time the plant is growing to its fullest potential, generally being in full bloom by mid-summer.

According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Index, it can also grow in a wide range of climates anywhere from zones 4-10 (-30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit).

Discover the Many Ways That You Can Use Sheet Moss

Sheet moss is a beautiful moss that is great for use in hanging baskets or with other types of potted plants. It can be used as decoration or to hold in moisture. This is a natural, organic cover for your house plants. In addition to helping to retain moisture, it aids in preventing weed growth. Sheet moss has natural agents in it that reduce the growth of weeds. It also prevents them from taking root.

It is excellent for indoor household plants but you can use sheet moss in your flowerbeds as mulch. They will keep the ground moist, so you will not have to water your plants and flowers as often. This is ideal in areas where there is a drought so that you can reduce water usage. Use this natural plant material in more than just plants. It can be used in a multitude of arts and craft projects. Use it as landscaping in a diorama.

Use it to create bird nests and for decoration around birdhouses. Sheet moss can be used for so many different types of projects, both indoors and outdoors. There are endless possibilities for its uses.

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