Morning Glory Vines 12-18"

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Morning Glory Vine - Ipomoea Purpurea

Most people recognize the Morning Glory Vine by its abundant, soft blooms of blue that greet the day by opening in the morning and then closing again in the afternoon. These dense, lush vines can grow as long as 12 feet and be twined around just about anything, like a lamppost, mailbox, over a fence, pergola, trellis, etc. Also, there are more than 1,000 varieties in the family, and other brilliant shades include purple, scarlet, pink, white, yellow and orange. These flowers offer more than just solids, with some featured as striped or bi-colored blooms.

The Morning Glory Vine thrives in hot sun, although a little shade can be tolerated. Soil should be acidic, rich, moist and well-drained to foster excellent growth and health. After an adult plant has been established, then soil condition does not matter as much. When planting, it's advised that the vines be spaced about 12 to 15 inches apart. In general, the Morning Glory is an annual climbing vine or in the form of a container "spiller" grown from seed planted in growing locations.

The best part is their simplicity. These showy vines grow fastest with regular watering but bloom best when dry. The Morning Glory Vine is considered a self-seeding annual in any zone, which means their seeds will drop and then next season, you will see them popping up around your landscape again. When it comes to fertilizing, it doesn't take much, according to the experts. They advise adding the fertilizer to a newly planted Morning Glory Vine, then only once a month during the growing season. Make sure that it is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorous.

Most would agree that Morning Glory Vine is pretty low maintenance, and pruning is not essential. While some people remove the spent blooms or deadhead them, others do not.

The Morning Glory Vine will bloom when it pleases, and each variety is unique. Some vines announce their stunning presence by early summer, and yet, many do not pop with brilliant color until the fall. The wait is worth it, however, when you consider that some Morning Glory Vines produce big flowers which measure about three inches in diameter on lovely heart-shaped green leaves.

The delicate hummingbird is very attracted to the Morning Glory Vine and the sweet nectar contained in its large, colorful, funnel-shaped flowers. When these amazing vines are planted in a mixed garden variety, they also serve as a beacon to butterflies that flit about, adding an abundance of beauty to an area.

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