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Moon Seed Vines

Moon Seed Vines

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

Moon Seed vines are great to plant around an old building, but you do want to keep them away from your homes. 

This vine will produce berries that are poisonous to humans, but the birds will love to feed on them. 

You need to be careful with this vine because the fruit on this vine looks a lot like grapes. Sometimes when people find them growing in the wild, they will mistake them for grapes. You can tell by the shapes of their seeds. Their seeds will be a moon shaped. These are great vines to plant for the nature lovers. You will enjoy the birds that these vines will attract and will enjoy watching them for hours. You can also train this vine to climb a fence or a trellis if you need to. The Moon Seed will produce berries from September through October, and the birds will love them. This vine was used by Cherokee Indians for some of their health issues. They also used this vine to treat their skin diseases. You can purchase this vine from an online plant nursery. You will receive this plant in great condition and it will be healthy and will be ready to plant. You can also get lots of information about the Moon Seed vine online and on the website for the online nursery. It will give you information on the soil conditions and the lighting requirements to make this plant thrive and do well. You will need to plant this vine where there is not a lot of traffic because the berries are poisonous.

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