Mood Moss (Sold Per 1 Square Foot)

Mood Moss (Sold Per 1 Square Foot)

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Mood Moss - Dicranum Scoparium - USDA Hardy Planting Zones 4-10 - Shady to full shade - when mature growth reaches 3 to 4 inches in thickness - spreading, sprawling low laying plant - Drought tolerant - Gardener Status: Beginner.

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Mood Moss - Dicranum Scoparium

Mood Moss (Dicranum Scoparium) obtained its name because it is a type of moss that changes color with its moisture content. When moist, mood moss appears thick and fluffy with a velvet appearance. Mood moss is also commonly used in terrariums. It grows three to four inches in thickness and quickly breaks apart. It grows as clumps and can live on soil, rocks or wood surfaces. Mood moss is commonly used as a living mulch or an accent for plants or stones. It grows best in the shade to very shady locations. Mood moss is found growing naturally in forests across most of the United States. When planting mood moss, a gardener should be sure to clear the area of debris and weeds and make sure the soil is smooth. Wet the soil the moss is going to be growing on as well as the ground attached to the bottom of the moss. Firmly press moss to land and water. Mood moss is a quickly spreading, low laying moss that will cover from the soil onto nearby rocks. The first 4-12 weeks after planting, mood moss should receive three brief daily water sessions that last no more than 4 minutes each. To establish a sprawling moss, a gardener should continue the same watering regime for the first year following the planting of the mood moss. Mood moss takes three to six months to become established and can become drought tolerant at that point. Mood Moss is a velvety thick and lush moss. It grows in clumps across the United States and Canada in the soil, but also on logs, rocks and stumps. It gets its name for its distinctive appearance that will change depending on the moisture. When dry, it will appear delicate and fragile. When moist, its presence is more fluffy and a soft texture. It has a brilliantly bright green color and a favorite for florists who use it as an accent in flower arrangements. Mood Moss is excellent for rock gardens, dish gardens, potted plants, ground cover for miniatures and fantastic for reptile cages.

Mood moss is a plant that botanically is known as Dicranum scoparium.

The plant has a deep green color that is velvety and lush with small branches with many feathered mini leaf type appendages. This is a plant that grows 3 to 4 inches thick and is a clump type most that can be picked and broken apart. The moss grows well in soil that is well draining and free of weeds. When planting the plant should be stepped on to ensure good contact with the soil especially near the edges. The moss should be watered lightly several times a day until firmly set in the ground and likes a slightly soggy bottom. Continued watering of the moss it will become thick and spread over time. Though when securely established in the field the moss is drought tolerant for an extended amount of time. This is a plant that requires no maintenance other than watering and no special fertilizing. The moss prefers full shade. Mood moss will grow in most zones and has many outdoor uses.

It is the perfect moss for rock gardens or to use as ground cover in shaded areas or around trees. It can be used in fairy gardens or the hidden garden as the ground cover in shaded areas giving the perfect green and lush complement to nearby flowers. Then it can be dried and used in craft and other types of projects since it will permanently keep its color. This moss is often used in floral arrangements as a ground covering and in terrariums. When dried for other uses the moss will keep its deep green color permanently.

Mood Moss- Botanical Name -Dicranum scoparium
Hardy Planting Zones- 4-10
Sun or Shade – Full Shade
Mature Height - 3-4"
Mature Width- 12" or can spread more.
Gardener Status-Easy to grow


Mood Moss